Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weather or not & a nice win!

Hi all, hope everything is well for everyone. So, not sure what's up with the weather? Whether or not if it's going to change? Last week started out chilly, which was loverly for a change. Then each day, it's warmed a bit more & more. Right now at 4:50pm, it's 85, not too bad, humidity at 50 something %. But I got tired of melting due to humidity, so I just finally broke down & turned my a/c back on for a bit. The mosquitos are ready to carry us away though? Wow, where did they come from??? No rain for days now, actually, maybe a week & half ago? or more? Now those pesky biting mosquitos? And biting flies! Ugh. Glad I turned on the a/c for awhile!

Took one of the salukis out for lure coursing this weekend, she kicked butt & won breed today! Yay Birdie! Thank you Birdie! Good girl Birdie! Now she's resting & I'm glad to be back at the RV safe from those biting things outside! I coursed her where they have hook ups for RV's, but the roads getting there are sooo rough that I think it's best not to take the motorhome there. I might find my cabinets on my sofa & floor! Yikes, that road is rough. And you have to drive past cattle that may be standing on the road. Blocking it & you just have to wait till they decide to move out of the way. It's a ranch, next time I go out there, I should take pics of the horses that people board & ride there.

Anyhow, not really much else happening. It did look like rain earlier & I was afraid it would rain because I went off, leaving the vents all open & the windows all open on the RV! I don't have vent covers, so that would not have been pleasant to come back to.

OK, before I decided to close today's blog, I decided to go out, take pics of Birdie's ribbons & of course, of her too! Again, good girl Birdie!!

Todays Saluki score sheet

Birdies ribbons. Today was only her 3rd run ever. So far, she's gained two Best of Breed wins! One with ASFA, one with AKC. Way to go Tweeters!! (you can't tell I'm proud can you?)

And here is the sweet girl herself

I also have a coursing video to share of a Borzoi run, but it took me forever just to be able to get pics up, so I'll share the video at a later time.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Gorgeous dog..I need to read up on this breed. Thank goodness NO mosquitos in fun! Thank you so much for all your kind comments for my dad...they mean the world to me!

  2. Thank you Sheryl!!! I've been reading your blog for awhile now, just recently decided to use my blogger account instead of just lurking & it's been fun linking up with folks like you. I'll be thinking of you. Please take care.
    ps, it was the cute little TT's that attracted me to your blog to begin with ;-)

  3. Hi to Birdie! Pretty girl! The weather is so variable here on the CCC - sunny and really warm yesterday, chilly and foggy today. Summer yesterday, Fall today! Take care and have a very great week.


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