Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Chirp-Chirp-Chirp" & DIY mosquito repellent!

Hello Everyone, hope ya'll are well & living a great life!

I ran errands this afternoon & when I got back, I heard, "Chirp-Chirp-Chirp"! Dang! Coach battery? Look at the wall sensor & it's blinking! ARGH! Noooo, not my battery!! It's not that old! Bought a new a few months ago, but haven't replaced my converter yet. Please, I'm not done procrastinating yet. I can't possibly install the new converter yet! I've only had it for about 2 weeks now! Give me a break. Battery, do NOT die. Do NOT let that old converter cook you - you hear me?? OK, so I can't get the grounding screw on the new converter to budge. Funny how they tell you not to torque those screws down tight, yet they did! Humpf! Sooo, the chirping continues, the sensor continues to flash. I shut battery off & back on to see that that helps. Nope, still chirping. I turn my engine on in Ellie & that corrects the sensor. It quits blinking. Whew!! Silence....chirp...chirp...chirp! On no, again!? 
Sensor is not blinking anymore. Hmmm, what is that annoying chirp? "Chirp, Chirp, Chirp"! ARGH, go away chirpey! Then I stand under the chirping & realize it's my smoke alarm - needs new battery. So I disrobed it, took out old battery & scolded it. Left it sitting naked. It shall just sit there all naked like till I feel like going & getting another battery out of the cabinet - so there! At least I know to change out my battery every halloween when everyone else is changing theirs out...oh I forget. What date is it that we're all supposed to conform to? Can't remember, so I'll just be a rebel. Btw, the sensor was blinking because I opened up windows & the door, so the breezes blowing through cornfused it to pieces. It's located by my big picture window by the sofa.

This is installed on the ceiling of course, but I'm going to show the world of it in all it's nakedness just to embarass it so maybe it'll choose not to worry me again! So there. :-p

Soooo, a new discovery! Make your own mosquito repellent! No need to smell like a chemical plant anymore! Cool discovery by me....ok, by me by google that is. No one likes the smell of those canned deet products. No one likes the feel of those canned deet products. Bounce fabric sheets did not work for me. Skin so soft didn't work for me, only made me feel like a good old fashioned oil field. But this worked for me!! I don't know how long it lasts on the skin as far as repelling the little vampirish blood suckers, but it worked for the short test period!

Take an empty container, I had an almost empty lotion container that I used to fill with my favorite facial lotion. Grab a container of regular good old fashioned lotion & a bottle of essential oils. I had lavender on hand, so used it. They say citronella, lemon, etc work too, but I had lavender. Pour a bit of the lotion in the container, drip a few drops of essential oil into it & stir to mix. Then slather a small amount on your skin. Go outside & feed the mosquitos. I just put it on my arms first to test. They left my arms alone, but quickly attacked my legs. So I put it on my legs & they left me aloners! YAY!!! Little blood suckers goners! Probably headed for a big fat juicy neighbor instead

So I wanted to pass this tip along. If ya'll try it, report back with how it works for you. I think it's a neato idea! Course, like I said, I only stayed out for a few mins, so don't know how long the effectiveness really is. Worth a try though!

Lotion, lavender oil, container & plastic spoon for mixing.

Close up of lavender oil.

Good luck with your own recipies, but don't eat it!!! Just wear it :-)  
I'm not sure how this will work for pets though. Not so sure how safe it is to slather essential oils all over them. I've used lavender oil on my dogs to calm them down, but that was just a little on the tips of their ears & a slight rub on the muzzle. So be sure it's safe before you use on any animals. Oh & in the past, I've told folks to use bounce sheets on dogs if they get nervous in storms. Now I REGRET telling people that because last week, I found that there are toxins in bounce, so PLEASE DO NOT USE ON PETS!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Thank DOG your battery held out and your inverter, too. I'm fortunate not to have to deal wih skeeters, here. I'll keep the recipe for when I head east in the spring.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Yea I gotta get busy & replace the old converter with the new one. I really should do that tomorrow!

    So far so good on the lotion stuff, but my friend's house dog seems to like it too. I have to make her stop licking me!

  3. I'll try to remember that. I hate the oily feeling of most repellent products.

  4. I love essential oil stuff. good tip!

  5. Mosquitoes love me. If they are present I am always the main course. I even tried one of those battery operated things you wear on your belt...waste of money! I HATE the smell and feel of repellents but love lotion and essential oil so THANK YOU...I shall give this a try.

  6. Donna, I hope it works for you. I was really pleased that it worked for me as well as it did. I came close to buying one of those things you mentioned, but I thought they were too pricey for only a day's worth of use. Refills were pricey too.


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