Friday, October 7, 2011

Send life jacket!!

Send me a life jacket quick! I'm sinking...wifi won't stay connected & when it does, it gives me local only. Aircard keeps disconnecting... halp meeeeeeeee, I'm drowning!

Welcome Erik from Erik's RV Blog! Glad to have you here, love reading your blog pages. :-)

I currently don't really have any RV tips to blog about, but I could think of one if prompted. OK, so here's one, when washing dishes, only put a small amount of dish liquid (I prefer Dawn) & a small amount of water in sink. I use one of those small drain thingys in the other sink (double sinks) that hold the wet but clean dishes. Wash dish, rinse dish on same side as washing in. Start with the small stuff & work your way up to the bigger items. Then by the time you reach the bigger items, you'll have a sink full of water for them. But be careful not to overfill because remember, you just loaned me your lifejacket! Soak silverware in the sink as you wash, makes them easier to clean off too.

Allergies have been taking me over lately. I've become an alien. Swollen face & eyes...such a lovely new look - NOT! Glad I'm not camping anywhere where the public would have to see me...eeekems!

And I'm trying a bigger font, but it looks HUGE in this template.

OK, I have to go find a picture to embed here. I just can't seem to send off a plain old blog without a picture...I'll go find something purdy...ok, found one:

Not pretty enough for you? Let me get closer then...

Oh, just beautiful!!! But seriously, don't let this happen to day, I'll blog about this too. Thank goodness for roadside services. Never be caught without one! It's nearly as bad as being caught naked in public...(did I mention that the allergy pills also took over my mind?)

Oh & I changed my comment format to the pop up kind. Although I don't like the pop up type, it seems that most people (including myself) are more able to comment. Of course, if you aren't able to comment, then I still won't know will I? :-/

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them in your travels & respect your neighbor.

I'd better hit publish before I lose z'connection..


  1. I like the new font. Does age make a difference? LOL!

  2. New larger font makes your blog easier to read. Now I don't have to enlarge it.

  3. Thanks for the font replies, the newer bigger font stays then!

  4. PS, Kim, we're just mere teenagers, right???

  5. I like the font size...and the comment seems to work just fine...

  6. Font looks good! The spare, not so much. Check out the tread baby!

    I looked again at my blogroll and you're already there.

    Because we het a tank full of water this morning I felt obliged to do dishes to use it up (we get two showers and a dish wash from our tank, but I still think it's prodigal). I think I used your technique, because Annie stabbed a hole in my rinse pan ... again! That woman.

  7. Thanks Mrs (not Bill)Gates!

    Ms Ducky, just how big is your water tank??? I can make mine last days with taking showers, washing disheys & watering doggies. I have a 35 gallon water tank. You don't even flush a toitey! Is this taking regular showers or military showers? (nooo, not -with- the military!..but that might 'splain the water usage)

  8. PS, on the tire. That was my blown out tire, good thing the spare got me home because the other dually lost it's tread totally,so we kinda limped at 25mph in a 60mph zone for about 10 miles...I prayed a lot! Oh yea, then we also had to limp to a tire shop for new shoes a few days later. Again, making other's around me mega mad! They don't seem to like big RV's in front of their widdle cars driving at a snails pace. But hey, I gave them an untreaded tire to gaze upon!


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