Friday, October 14, 2011

Is Ice cream like alcohol? RV Awning ideas - use your noodle, not your noggin

Good day everyone - I ice cream like alcohol? Is it ok to eat it before noon? hmmm??
So long as I don't use tequilla or rum as a topper maybe? Ah pooey, I could not resist. I had a bowl at 10:45 because I read someone else's blog that said they had ice cream in their freezer, so I could not resist mine!! I'm picture either unless you want a picture of an empty dirty bowl that had ice cream in it.
Welcome Karen & Al --  Karen, like me is a big animal & nature lover. I had fun exploring through her site yesteray. They also have a little piece of heaven in Georgia. Check them out! Also welcome Texas Yellow Rose! Their site is   It appears that they are doing the workcamping thing, which is what I'd like to do someday. I will also be spending some time on their site later today as well. :-)
I have this sitting on my step stool that I use to get in & out of my RV with. I find this stool more stable to use than my RV steps are, so I use it instead. I think I might get some spray paint today though & refinish it. I love this stool & can't find them anymore! But I guess my friends 17 year old cat likes it too...I'm trapped! I can't leave the RV now! I mean, what kind of mean spirit makes a 17 year old cat move?

Old Tony woke up when I grabbed the camera. He only wants attention, so he's recently started to come over to sit or sleep on my step stool.

OK, now for the use of a noodle rather than using your head. Or is that using your head to save it? Something like that...And no, I don't mean squishy cooked noodles, nor raw. I mean the kind that kids use to bop each other with in the pool..or sometimes out of the pool too.

Take one of those noodles, they are very easy to cut with a knife. So cut to the length you want & just slice down the side of the cut piece. Then slip it where you need it for your height & needs of your awning arms so you don't knock your noggin every time you pass under the darn thing!

I just realized I need to cut another piece for the other side. Don't know why I didn't do that in the first place. Guess I didn't hit my head hard enough? Or maybe too hard??

 A view of the noodles being used on the free side (yep, that's right, I won't charge you anything if you approach that side of the RV). And a noodle to protect my entry door & the awning arm.

**And now for another important item for the awning. If anything, this is the MOST Important thing you can use! **

!!!An Awning Saver!!!

I chose this kind because it was easy to install. No drilling or anything. It simply attaches by screwing pieces into themselves to fit over the awning arm & the roll bar thing.

Why is this so important? A lot of folks seem to think that if they strap down their awning arms that the awning can not become undone. But what really happens is the spring mechanism inside of your roll bar can unspring, thus the roll bar rolls loose & the awning unfurls. Then you totally lose your awning, as it rips & shreds while driving. It can be hazardous to driving & other traffic. It can also cause some pretty good damages to the sides of your RV, not to mention that it can destroy a very expensive awning.

I can not find the site where I got my awning saver from. When I do, I'll be happy to share it. In the meantime, I found a site where someone has in detail of how they made one themselves. But with theirs, there is drilling involved. I'll keep looking for the awning saver that I got.
Here is the site that I found in the meantime:

**unfortunately, I googled for the awning saver I have. I guess they are no longer in business. Their site no longer exists. So I'd suggest googling awning locks & choose from what's out there now or create a lock like from the above url**

Another thing I use on my awning is a deflapper device. It helps hold the awning fabric stable from wind gusts & such. Of course, if it's windy, then be safe & just roll your awning up to spare it from damages. I chose this one because it was wider than most. I kind of felt it would cause less damages to the fabric..but that is just my personal feeling. I got this one in an RV store, but you can find them online as well.

This just snaps on with the big black latches on the white plastic part. Then it has velcro strips that you just wrap around the awning arms & velcro down. Easy as pie to use. BUT you have to remember to take them off before you roll up the awning. I've forgotten to do that many times ;-)

Last awning tip of the day is always tilt your awning when in use. That way, if it rains, it rolls off to one side, same for dew & such. I tilted mine a bit more than I usually do because when I rolled it out, it was wet. I wanted the water to run off quickly & dry faster. It's best to roll up your awning dry, but not always possible to do that. So when I roll it up wet, I open it later in better weather to dry.

One of my future projects is to strip off all the cracked decals that wrap around my RV! I fear that's going to be a big job. But then, probably not any worse then when I recaulked the entire rig this spring.

OK, Tony is calling me for attention. I'll give him a few mins of attention & get on with my day. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day & that I've not bored you to death!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. No, but you made me eat ice cream!

  2. Haha Merikay! Be sure to put some in your RV freezer for your trip!

  3. I wouldn't have made that old guy move either. Good tips on awning on the awning saver. Al made his own on our other motor home.


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