Friday, October 21, 2011

Power washing the RV & gone to the birds

Hello everyone, hope ya'll are having a great day!
WELCOME to my new blogger friends, Kenny & Angela's Adventure  They have a goal towards fulltiming - I wish them luck towards that goal! I think it's a great lifestyle! They also have two big dogs that get to go along with them on their current travels, lucky dogs! And WELCOME to Cyndi & Stumpy! Stumpy is a very lucky dog that Cyndi adopted after Stumpy was in several homes, after being found as a stray starving with her mother & littermates. She appears to be a Australian Cattle Dog, or perhaps mix. Big cutie! Cyndi has a ClassC RV named Theo that she hopes to get out with soon. Cyndi & Stumpy hope to go fulltiming sometime next year, I wish the best for them as well. Cyndi is having blogger troubles, so she's in the process of moving her blog.

Now onto Power Washing the RV:

Do you power wash or wash your RV in a different manner? I'm just wondering how most folks clean their RV's. I power washed mine once, but didn't feel comfortable with doing that. It really didn't get it clean as it still needed scrubbed with soap & I was afraid water would work it's way into crevices around windows, edges & such from the power that power washers give out. So I decided that power washing wasn't for my Ellie (RV), that I'd just continue washing her with a car wash brush on an extension pole, a bucket of water & RV wash that's specified for fiberglass washes. When I first bought her, I had no clue on how to wash her. The first few times, I used a sponge mop! That was a lot of work! Then I tried the power washing, but like I said, wasn't comfortable with that. Then I got a car wash brush & that works great! Waxing the thing is another story though -  That's real work!

Today has seemed to have gone to the birds! I was busy editing a video of the house bird of my friend's Macaw, then I got a call from my friend.
My friend:  Are you busy? I need bird help
Me: what?
My friend: I need help, a cardinal is loose in my kitchen!
Me: OK, I'll be right in!

I rushed into the house, sure enough there is a female cardinal at the screen in the kitchen window, trying to get out. My friend was trying to pop out the screen. I said, I'll get a towel. She looked at me like I was crazy. And again stated we needed to get the screen out. I said, no, let me get her with a towel. I wrapped the towel around this poor panicked bird & carried her bundled outside. My friend followed me & their cat ran away thinking, uh oh, I seem to be in trouble! Heehee, I just wanted to release the bird away from the cat! So took it over to a tree, opened the towel & the poor thing flew off immediately! My biggest fear was that it would have a heart attack, it's heart was beating so strongly & quickly! My friend asked me how I knew to do that. I told her I used to have parakeets & that's how you needed to catch them if they were out & in a panic. I'm glad all went well & that we were able to catch & release her without harm!

Now onto some bird talk - a short video of my friends Macaw, Nikki Bird,  barking & saying HI!

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbors.


  1. Sounded like there was a dog in the room!

  2. You should have heard him the other night. He screamed that high pitch screamy bark that they toy fox terrier has! We all about hit our heads on the ceiling. I hope to be able to catch more of what he says. He's pretty funny, but usually shuts up when I turn the camera on. He quacks, laughs, sneezes, coughs, sings opera, calls their dog, Sara, calls their daughter, Samantha, he's a hoot. Downside is, he also screams like a macaw can - ouch.


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