Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Missing the bay

Birdie & Roper at the bay in April 2011

We want to go back down to the bay!
But we can't right now...too many commitments for now to make the trip, which sadly is only about 70 miles from where I am now. Bummer. I want to watch the pelicans & other seabirds. I want to watch the little quaker parrots. I want to ride my bike around the area, do a little bbq while there. Cook & eat seafood. Take long walks with the dogs. One day, I hope to buy some land down there for my little retreat place on earth.

This is what I had to leave two years ago. Today marks the anniversary of that day. Not all anniversaries are good ones. My goal is to get back to the area once I get my surgery out of the way & my life back in order again.
You never know how life's changes & natural disasters can change your life. In my case, it was a hurricane, Hurricane Ike. It has changed my life, a life I will get back someday, but better. It didn't take away my life, nor spirit. Still & always will be grateful that I bought my RV for just such things!

I've managed to keep myself strong through this. The tragedies of life can take your breath away. It can break one's spirit. It can mess with one's mind, but one has to remember that there are others that are far worse off. I've not lost a loved one, I'm not dealing with any life threatening illnesses. Thanks to my RV, myself & my pets still have a place to lay our heads at night. I'm very grateful & lucky to have good friends that extended open arms in my time of such need. I had to leave my home a year after Ike as it was no longer inhabitable. I am a fairly private person though, so details will be left off of this post & only have been shared with a few friends & of course, family of a very trying year....
I actually didn't know this post was going to go this way. I considered rewriting it & had planned on talking about something more RV related instead. Or just deleting the post all together. But in order to face up to it, I'm going to leave this post up instead.

Anytime disastrous events happen in our lives, we must dig into our souls & realize that life has lessons to teach us. If you can still come out of events with your health, then you are still steps ahead! Perhaps even to go on to build a better life. I must remember that I do actually have a better life's just not where I want my life to be right now. Only I can change that. Well, actually, I'm kind of waiting for a doctor to change it first with ankle repair surgery

Take care everyone. Hug & appreciate your family & friends in this day...take the time to make that phone call. Take the time to make that visit. Take the time to get back in touch with what you need out of life for yourself.


  1. We experienced a tiny bit of disaster in the 1089 7.2 Loma Prieta Earthquake. We had damage, but also had earthquake insurance. The deductable was huge!

    for years we have continued the coverage and it takes a big bite every month, but to not have it would be to loose our biggest asset. Seeing others with far greater loss at the time gave me a bit of perspective.

    I know many who had to walk away from their homes because they could not afford the repairs. I know two people who lost family members.

    I guess what I'm saying is I understand, just a little bit.

    I hope your surgery goes well.

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  3. I'm really having trouble typing this morning! The first comment should have read 1989 earthquake!

  4. OK Merikay, you just gave me the laugh I needed today with your typos! I'm easily amused ;'-D

  5. Know what cha mean..... I should be scheduling knee surgery and am trying to "run" away from it :)

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  8. OK Sunny, not so sure you should be running on that knee? Or rather with it? ;-) Looks like you have the same issues I do with comments. Looks like they won't go through, so you push the button again, only to find out it just took a little while..I almost just did that with someone else a min ago.

  9. bummer, Cyn. Hate to learn this. Was this Galveston Bay? oh, Ike was something else.

    I just visited your creative blog! I didn't know you had one and enjoyed looking at your pieces.

    I had a bead shop for 6 years and as I wrote there.... I still have enough to start a small shop now!

    What fun! I do wish we lived closer...

    I've asked several times on your blog, I think, as well as Gypsy's if you would be able to go to Port Aransas at some point next month. Ya never answered! ;)

    Now I see that you can't. I'm still hoping I can make it -- even for a couple of days.

    Two years... wow-- well? 2012 will be a banner for you. I say so.

  10. I wasn't aware of your situation and completely respect your reluctance to share details. I only hope that wonderful days are ahead for you. Anyone who loves animals as much as you do deserves a fulfilling life! It sounds like you are taking steps to get there.

    Gotta go check out your another blog!

  11. Thanks Kim! We all get life's bad things pushed in our faces at times. The best we can do is try to wipe it off & move on...

    Carolyn, you asked me if I could to go Port A? Where did you ask? Is there some kind of forum here as in messages that I'm not aware of? I'm still trying to figure out things on blogger. I don't know when the surgery will happen, so I "might" be able to make a small trip. We could bead together! :-)
    Can we open a short term beach bum store??

  12. When you comment, do you click on the little box beside to send follow-up comments to your email address?

    Maybe that's why you didn't see my comments... because I posted after you posted.

    I would LOVE to open a beach kiosk! Wouldn't that be fun! I've thought of it often. I just don't want to get back in the grind of 90 zillion hours a week owning and running a shop...

    I hope you get to come and I hope I get to go also!

  13. Yes, the follow up comments show up. maybe I should check my spam box? Anyhow, email me at & we'll talk more.

  14. Cyn, this was a great post for me to right, right now!

    Also, I didn't realize you had a blog, until I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting! all I need is to let blogger let me follow it...
    I, too, can't wait to be sitting on the waterfront, again! any waterfront will do!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After


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