Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I love & bomb that RV!

ihop, while you are just laying there, sit on seat & turn the key. Put in gear & start mowing please.
Huh? Who is she talking to, surely not me!

Hi everyone, hope all are doing well. OK, so maybe the title is a bit misleading, I really don't love bombs. Just thought I'd talk about bombing your RV. No, no, no..again, not real bombs! (although there are those times..) I'm talking bug bombs! For those skeery kinda bugs that love to come in & bug you. Ants, water bugs (ok, so they are just roaches on steriods), spiders ---eeeeks, spiders!!! I had them so bad that I got the creepy crawlies every time I'd turn around! Actually, the last couple of nights, I've been expecting to see at least one running over my ceilings just to scare me (they love to do that), but so far, I've not seen one in months since I last bombed the RV! Yay! :-)  I had to bomb the RV twice because ants, not only tame ants, but FIRE ants got into my bed area! Youch. First night, I got bitten, I thought what? Got bitten again? what? what? (btw, if you hit a wrong key & accidentially erase a post, like I just did, hit ctrl & z at the same time to get it back). Then I pulled a couple of ants off of me. OK, this is WAR! Next day, I got a package of bombs & bombed the RV. Well, because I was soooo anxious to get this done, I did not bother to strip my bed & take the memory foam topper off. I just put a sheet over it all & bombs away! Well....that kinda didn't work. Next night, those angry little mobsters ate me alive! OK, so now it's WAR WAR! Not just WAR! Stripped off the bedding, took down the memory foam, then bombed the RV again. That did the trick. Now I had a bunch of little ant cadavers to deal with. Yuck. One of my favorite things is my little black & decker shop vac. Got that little red friend out & sucked them up, cleaned RV back up, put bedding back down & my world was once again at peace.
Steps to bomb an RV:
1. Turn propane off
2. Take battery out of smoke alarm (that's the step I sometimes forget to do).
3. Shut everything down.
4. Turn battery switch to off.
5. Open cabinet doors & such so fumes can do their job.
6. Make sure all windows & vents are closed. (yep, forgot to close a vent once too)
7. Make sure bathroom door is open too.
8. Unplug RV if you are connected to shore power just to be sure all sensors & phantom draws are off.
9. Follow instructions on the bomb can.
10. Wait appropriate time as stated on can, then open RV back up & air it out by opening windows & vents. Then in a little while, you can once again enjoy your bug free RV!
***OH & if you have Pets, please don't leave the water or food out while bombing! Put food up, dump water & either put bowls away or wash once bombing is done***

OK, now for things I love:

The bay in San Leon, TX. This was taken from Latitudes RV park in San Leon, TX.
Some day, I want to buy some land there & make myself a nice little spot for me, my RV & my little critter family.

My puppy dogs, even when they watch a fish jump, then try to act like one themselves..

My kitties. Lucy, up close & personal.

Texas Hill Country - view from Natural Bridge Caverns

Smurfing my RV! actually, I was caulking it, I love working on my RV!

And CAMPING!!! The fun part of RVing is, you can choose your landscape. I love the Texas Hill country, but haven't really taken Ellie, my RV there to camp yet. I love state parks with natural environments & I love camping down by the water as well. But not on the beach it'self. I don't really love the sand in my RV & all over me...yuck.
Spillway Park in San Leon, TX   -- no camping there, it's just a daily activity park

Eagle's Point RV park in San Leon, TX

Have a safe & wonderful day everyone!
And as always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect you neighbor.


  1. Nice rig! Lucy's a beauty. Thanks for the "ctrl + z" tip. Good to know.

  2. Thanks Kim. I'm always updating & doing things to my rig. By the time I'm done, maybe it'll be like new again ;-)
    Yes, that ctrl & z thing has literally saved the world from one insane person!

  3. Thanks for the tip on restoring a blog post.

  4. You're welcome Teri. you have to hit the ctrl + z the instant you made the booboo of hitting the bad key that made your typing dissapear. I do it all the time in emails too.

  5. I didn't know you could use bombs for ants. We had fire ants in our yard when we lived in Lewisville Texas.

    Here in California I have just had to use Taro from time to time when ants come into the house seeking water in the summer.

    It is a great product. TARO ant poison. They eat it and take it back to the nest.

  6. Merikay, I was desperate! I live & sleep in my RV & my bed was infested with the ants. They were also climbing down the walls, eeeks. So I bombed them & haven't had a problem since.

  7. Outstanding! with the ctrl+z! Your animals are beautiful ... I also like the Hill Country ... favorite area of Texas besides the coast.

    I hear ya on the sand but I just have to be the near the ocean at some point. I always carried a whisk broom and put a towel outside Homer to step on.

    Bugs! no good!~ when I had my 5th wheel... I put fire ant kill 'em stuff around the tires and hoses ... they like to crawl in that way.

    I used Diatomaceous earth ... good stuff to put everywhere --- suffocates ants - I really really hate fire ants - and won't hurt your pets... even cats if they step in it and lick their paws.... don't want them to do that but it won't poison them...

  8. Thanks Carolyn. I've used diatomaceous earth before. So far, so good for now :-) Thanks on the dogs too, they are one reason I don't want to park the rig on the beach. Could you imagine what they'd bring in? But I'd park where I could still walk down to the beach to enjoy it.

  9. Insects are just everywhere! They are so unstoppable. Congratulations, though, on successfully taking them away. I cannot say they’re not coming back because they will. But at least now, you are probably ready in case those little fellas start invading your RV again. Continue to keep your vehicle clean to have the best chances of preventing them. Take care.

    Tia Oshields

  10. It is important to keep your RV clean and free from pest since it’s also like your real home. Of course, you’re also staying there day and night, and you don’t want to have unwanted visitors in the form of insects and other pests. By the way, good job on eradication those bugs!

    -Rosalinda Rudloff

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