Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween 

Have a safe and wonderful day everyone!

Photo taken at a store with my phone....

Looks like it says enter if you date! """snicker"""

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nature in the back pasture

When I got the camera, I wanted to get some nature shots with the new zoom lens. 

I got LUCKY! I got this guy! 

How cool is that! It's a Pileated Woodpecker. I've been trying to catch one for 3 years now. They are shy & pretty much stay away if anyone is outside. They are actually quite big - known as the crows of the woodpecker world because they are big, kind of clumsy & very loud. Yep, that's how I heard him! I heard the noisy wingspan as he was flying to that tree. Then I heard his loud pecking at the tree. I had to be very careful to stalk the tree with minimal noise as not to scare him off. Got it! Then he flew away when I tried to step just a little closer, but I was able to catch him on video as well. I was shooting in weird light too. Against the sun, but in a very black shady area, so I'm happy that I got anything at all. 
The photo image isn't as clear as I'd like, but I'm glad I got anything at all. 

I didn't get any other bird photos...they all seem to disappear when I appear! Little stinkers. I can hear them in the front of the acreage when I'm in the back & vice versa. 

I did get a Mockingbird on the video, the Pileated Woodpecker & a really sharp image of a dragonfly. 
Oh & a vulture in flight. I have to practice up on flying birds. They are hard to track in flight! 
If possible, watch the video in HD for a better image. 

Please enjoy! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after your travels & respect your neighbor~

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Google plus + my new camera

Well, Google plus really doesn't have anything to do with my camera, I just combined the subject line! 

I just wanted those that use Google Plus for their comment section, that I do read their posts. 


Since I'm not ready to join Plus yet, I can't comment....bummer. 

I'm still hanging around, just haven't been as much lately as usual. I've taken an interrupted break from blogger due to other things, but hopefully, I'm back now! 

I sure am glad I bought my new camera. Last week, my van started to idle rough. Took it in yesterday & it's the catalytic converter :-(   They wanted an arm & 2 legs to fix it! I said no & brought the van home, but they still charged me $94.00 to determine that! So I am NOT happy! That could be used towards the repairs instead! Dammit. 

So after talking to another mechanic, he suggested I buy one & take it to a muffler shop to have it installed instead. He said it's cheaper that way & it will be installed properly. So I'll talk to a few muffler shops to see what can be done. 

Always something! 

So like I said, I sure am glad I got the camera before this happened or I'd still be using my cell phone for pics! My old camera is fine, but windows 8 won't accept it. And the memory card is so huge that I have to shell out $25 to buy a specific memory card reader that can read that card. It was time for a new camera. The other is 11 years old. 

I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70. It's been so much fun to use. I can even shoot the moon with it & get craters! Awesome! 

Another example of the zoom range on this thing, and this is not at full zoom! 

So it's a fun camera. Will be really fun once I do a little traveling! I want to do a couple of state parks here to catch some different birds & such. 

I'll be sharing some of what I've caught within the next few days. 

It's a bridge camera, which means it's capable of being a point & shoot, to professional quality settings. It has a huge powerful 60x zoom lens. Lens is fixed, but you can still purchase extensions for it to attach to that lens. Seems to be the perfect camera for me! 

I'm still in therapy. I hope all this will be over soon! I'm so ready to be done with it all. 

Video from the camera is very good too. 

Later, I'll share some of that as well. Or you can check out my channel on youtube -- ReignbeauHounds to see what this camera is capable of doing. 

I hope everyone is doing well.

Guess I'd better get ready for my afternoon doc appointment & therapy. Have a great day everyone! 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

no blog roll again blog roll again.


Sitting at docs office and wanted to catch up blogs while II wait.

Well Boo then!

Not a whole lot is new with me. Got approval for another round of therapy in an attempt on getting the foot stronger.

I'd rather be out meandering somewhere instead....

I do have some cool news though -- got a new camera!

I needed a new kick-butt camera since mine is 11 years old and not quite up to par these days.

I played with it yesterday -- it's really cool!

It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ70

You can shoot the moon with it and actually see the craters.

I'LL share pics later.

It has a huge 60X zoom can spy on people with this thing. ;-)

OK, back to waiting...wish my blog roll would load.

Laters ya'll.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Life can change so instantly.

Another friend in the hospital in ICU.

Seems it never stops.

I've lost 3 good friends in recent months.

I feel it's a lesson for us all to get out there. Follow our dreams. Grasp life by the horns and LIVE!

I had another doctors appointment the other day. Although my situation is not at all life threatening, I am so ready to be done with it all so I can move on with life. But my foot is still weak, so they want another round of therapy. Will be interesting to see if it will be accepted or denied since I'm federal! Our crazy world is falling apart at the seams.
Betsy Ross could not sew this one up, but let's hope someone can soon!!

Anyhow, my point is, for those of you that are just existing like myself), get out there and live life! Weather will be better here soon, so I'm at least hoping to work in some camping time.

I hope all is well with every one.

I have Ewoks. Will share them when I get access to my computer again.

I did not need Ewoks, but they found me! Oh well...such is life.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I Ran Away...

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well. 

Sorry, I've not been around much lately. 

Not much has been happening. 

Just more therapy & doc appointments. I have two more therapy sessions this week & a doc appointment on Wednesday to see where we go from there. Not healing so fast this time around & it's bringing on other complications to my poor beaten body! Good news though, nothing life threatening. My heart goes out to those that really have serious ailments. Life can be hard. 

But with not being able to get out much & such, it still works on your mind & puts you in a black space. A space that I fight from time to time not to go visit! Depression isn't fun. 

So, I thought I'd test myself & enter a dog show! I've not been to one since March of this year. At that show, I decided I could not run anymore until I had my surgery. It was just too painful & difficult. So had the surgery & decided I'd test myself in the ring this weekend. Actually, the ring wasn't bad. But I'm showing Birdie who is easy to show & the ring was not big, so it was no challenge. When I'm showing, I don't focus on anything except presenting my dogs to the best of our abilities. So any pain or anything goes on the wayside of my mind anyhow. Having said that, I experienced no pain. In the ring. 

Outside the ring, at the RV, walking all the dogs, walking to the building, doing all the RV related stuff, etc, I had pain. And bad pain. The kind that doesn't let you sleep. Last night was much better as I had nothing pending today, so I was able to take my strong pain med & sleep with a heating pad, so that helped. I actually got some good sleep for a change! 

I left on Friday, the show was only about an hour away. It hurt to drive, but I managed. Pushing that pedal is still a bit hard on the foot. I feel a difference in vehicles too. Fords hurt me more as I have to push the pedal harder & it's placed differently. On my Dodge van, it's easier to drive. But the motorhome is a Ford & that's what I took. Us fulltime  RVers don't leave our houses at home y'know! 

We won 2  second placements, so no championship for Birdie at this show. Oh well, she'll get it. She only needs one more point to finish. 

Weather wasn't the best either. Hot & humid on Friday & Saturday. I ran my generator a lot for the a/c. Saturday night, the cold front came through, so it was much better! Even though it rained for awhile, it stopped & turned very pleasant. 

Downside, the dogs picked up some bug, so now some of them are under the weather :-(  Hope it passes quickly! 

OK, now to try to catch up with ya'll! I've missed everyone. 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~