Monday, October 7, 2013

I Ran Away...

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well. 

Sorry, I've not been around much lately. 

Not much has been happening. 

Just more therapy & doc appointments. I have two more therapy sessions this week & a doc appointment on Wednesday to see where we go from there. Not healing so fast this time around & it's bringing on other complications to my poor beaten body! Good news though, nothing life threatening. My heart goes out to those that really have serious ailments. Life can be hard. 

But with not being able to get out much & such, it still works on your mind & puts you in a black space. A space that I fight from time to time not to go visit! Depression isn't fun. 

So, I thought I'd test myself & enter a dog show! I've not been to one since March of this year. At that show, I decided I could not run anymore until I had my surgery. It was just too painful & difficult. So had the surgery & decided I'd test myself in the ring this weekend. Actually, the ring wasn't bad. But I'm showing Birdie who is easy to show & the ring was not big, so it was no challenge. When I'm showing, I don't focus on anything except presenting my dogs to the best of our abilities. So any pain or anything goes on the wayside of my mind anyhow. Having said that, I experienced no pain. In the ring. 

Outside the ring, at the RV, walking all the dogs, walking to the building, doing all the RV related stuff, etc, I had pain. And bad pain. The kind that doesn't let you sleep. Last night was much better as I had nothing pending today, so I was able to take my strong pain med & sleep with a heating pad, so that helped. I actually got some good sleep for a change! 

I left on Friday, the show was only about an hour away. It hurt to drive, but I managed. Pushing that pedal is still a bit hard on the foot. I feel a difference in vehicles too. Fords hurt me more as I have to push the pedal harder & it's placed differently. On my Dodge van, it's easier to drive. But the motorhome is a Ford & that's what I took. Us fulltime  RVers don't leave our houses at home y'know! 

We won 2  second placements, so no championship for Birdie at this show. Oh well, she'll get it. She only needs one more point to finish. 

Weather wasn't the best either. Hot & humid on Friday & Saturday. I ran my generator a lot for the a/c. Saturday night, the cold front came through, so it was much better! Even though it rained for awhile, it stopped & turned very pleasant. 

Downside, the dogs picked up some bug, so now some of them are under the weather :-(  Hope it passes quickly! 

OK, now to try to catch up with ya'll! I've missed everyone. 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~ 


  1. Glad you escaped for a change of scenery as that had to be a help to uplift your spirits. Hope your foot heals and you are able to get back to doing what ever you want!!!!

    1. Thank you! This needs to be behind me soon.

  2. Has to be so tough....we just want to move on and do the things we used to do. Hopeful tihngs begin to get easier for you...and sunshine on your horizon!

  3. Good to hear you were able to make a dog show. Hopefully your foot will get better soon. By looking at your "States I've Been" to map, you have much more exploring to do. Well, you've done way more traveling than me, but let's get that sucker filled with red. :)

    1. Yep, have many more to fill don't I? Most of those were for dog shows. This time around, I'd like to merge both. Travel to interesting places & hitting some shows in different places too. Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Good to get out. Not good to have that outing hurt. More healing wishes headed your way.

    1. Thanks Linda. I hope your ankle is doing better.

  5. Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do. Sorry it hurt but I bet your mind is better. Now take it easy for a day or two.

    I'm going to go food shopping tomorrow no matter what.

  6. Glad you got a trip out, yay for Birdie. Maybe being able to do the ring with no pain means you are actually mending. The other stuff was just too much on top of it. It is a step. Here's hoping you get better and better.


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