Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's 2:30am.

I can't sleep.

Actually, I'm a bit nervous.


And no.

That is NOT me buzzing.

There is a bee in my motorhome....

And well...YIKES!

I be allergic to bees.

I just heard gunshots.

Maybe someone out there also has a bee in their house?

Or more likely, a Coyote in their pasture.

Oh please bee, leave!


Now the cattle are mooing.

At least the donkeys are being quiet tonight.

They bay a lot at night.

There are two catty corner across the street to protect the chickens and ducks from the coyotes....or maybe bees?

Maybe I need a donkey in my RV???

Oh crap!


I think it's stalking me now. off bee!


More silence...

Maybe it's just a fly...

Nite all.

The cows are singing again. And this darn bee fly is buzzing again.....


  1. OMG, that sounds like a really bad night. I hope your day is much better!!!

  2. I hate bugs of any kind during the day but really really hate them at night in the dark. And even if I know they're dead or out the door, I still feel all creepy crawly. Gunshots would worry me. Coyotes or not.

  3. Outside of the buzzzzing thing I would love the other sounds. Yea I'm off a little. LOL


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