Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peacock & RV oven tiles

Hey everyone, hope ya'll are having a good day!
Thought I'd share our neighborhood peacock. He used to be our neighborhood peacock till someone penned him in somewhere. I can still hear him from time to time, but at least he's now in a safe environment. Used to be funny to see him fly up into the trees here & perch himself. He had NO fear of the dogs - yikes! He actually got in the dog yard once & the dogs didn't know what to make of that. I was very surprised that they didn't get him! These are dogs whose hereditary goes back on arab nomads that used them for hunting, catching game such as gazelle & rabbit. So a peacock would be zero challenge for them, yet, I guess he called their bluff. Thankfully, he came to no harm back then. He must have had a lucky charm in his pocket ;-)  He'd also sit on the branches in a tree that was over a temporary dog run I'd use from time to time. I used to put Carlos (chi mix) & Wrinkles (sharpei mix) in that dog run when they needed a good romp. The peacock loved that, he'd run over to them to visit them. Drove them nuts though!

Here he is checking Carlos out. Carlos says "HUH? He's bigger than I am, but I'm a mighty little dog! But I can't figure out if this thing is friend or foe? "

I also have video of him in the computer of him serenading lawn mower...
the 17 year old cat one day thought he could take him. He stalked up to him, looked at his size & changed his mind. We knew the cat was in no danger, nor the bird. We pretty much knew that Tony, the cat would only get so close before he changed his mind. Now that, I wished I had a video of!

OK, so now onto the RV's oven & the use of unglazed
tiles. The purpose of using the unglazed tiles is to distribute the heat in the oven so it doesn't burn the bottom of your buns (however, really? You should not stick your buns in the oven...ohhh, yes, the bready kind, then yes. Put those in the oven) (also, don't put your head in there either, they are gas ovens...just thought you'd might need to know that-- And yes Erik, if you wife says not to do that, listen to her! )
OK, sorry, got carried away there...sooo, get yourself 4 tiles of the 6x6 kind, again, unglazed. You can get them at the big hardware stores, such as Lowes or HomeDepot. I'm not totally sure, but I think the reason you used unglazed is because the glazed crack & break. Simply place the tiles on the oven tray thing & that's all you need to do. Bake away! The brownies I've made turned out good & baked better than my house oven ever baked them. Same for casseroles. I cheat & use the toaster oven for smaller stuff though. Saves on propane. Here are some pictures of how it looks.

OK, so how does the oven get this dusty when the door is always closed?? I obviously have not used it in quite some time.

Unglazed tile, almost 6x6 size.

Tiles in semi-clean oven. OK, now I have to go clean the darn thing so new dust can grow in there!
Although I fulltime in my RV, I also do most of my cooking in my friends house since I'm currently living in or is that on, their driveway. I cook all of the meals in the house for all of us. So when I do get the chance to go off on my own & do my own cooking for myself, it's a treat to do so for me!

PS, when I bought my tiles, the guy at the store told me he buys the 12x12 sized unglazed tiles to use for pizza stones. Does anyone know if it's ok to do that? Are there any health risks with using a unglazed floor tile for a pizza stone?

As always, be kind to your pets (tell your neighborhood birds the same thing as well), clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor. 


  1. Good to see the pictures. I've hear dof doing this and may give it a try if the small pizza stones I
    bought don't do the trick.

  2. Hi Merikay, I did this for you.
    :-) I think the idea is to have that pan lined with the four 6"x6" tiles for even distribution of the heat, fully lining the pan.

    Of course, if you plan on using the food on top of the pizza stones, then that's different.
    Looking forward to your first adventure!

  3. Like your peacock! they are so pretty. have you ever seen a solid white one? absolutely gorgeous.

    When I was a kid, there was a farm about 1/4 mile away and we could hear the peacocks... MAN ... they got a cry! sounds like a kid in pain!

    BUT they're beautiful! I know nothing about tiles except I think you should have the concern you mentioned. I know that clay cups and bowls I've bought at various festivals/fairs are not safe to put in the microwave. AND I've hard that if they get chipped? Not to use them period.

    We're all gonna die from so much stuff... makes me tired trying to figure out what to use, eat or wear.


  4. should've been an e in hard... ;)

  5. Thanks Carolyn, I've never seen a white one, only photos of them. I'll bet they are way prettier in person!
    I'm not concerned about using the tiles in the oven the way they are being used now, but not sure how safe they would be with actual food on top of them..
    Course, I'm having frozen lasagna tonight, so eating a tile might be safer!!

  6. We looked around for unglazed tiles, but could never find them. My mother had a pizza stone she never used that she gave us. Is it safe to cook a pizza on a pizza stone? :D

  7. I've not seeen any information about the health hazards of using an unglazed tile as a pizza stone. In fact, that's what we use at home.

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone

  9. Beautiful pictures of the Peacock. I remember how noisy they can be!

  10. Love the peacock pictures! and thanks for the tile/oven tips! Going to try that.

  11. Thanks Sunny, I hope you are having a great time in Pa! Update your blog, I want updates on your visit :-) And some fall colors too..


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