Sunday, October 30, 2011

Computer cleaning & animal rescue

Good Morning Everyone

Morning sun coming in through the mini blinds - gotta love it!

The african violets don't complain about that morning sun..

Welcome to my new blogger friends - Bhounds  He has currently started a new blog (not new to blogs though) in his search for the RV that is right for him & his one bloodhound & 2 basset hounds. Any advice you have, toss him a bone! He's interested in a ClassC & traveling with his 3 companions.
Welcome to Rick & Paulette   From what I hear, Rick is quite the guru for blogger problems & is willing to share any of his experiences. Paulette seems to be quite the cook - ohhhh, the photos of that lasagna the other day - yummy! They also have two little furrmeisters of the barking variety, Rylie & Molly. They travel in a lovely 5ver.
Welcome to Sara  Sara is currently in the process of trying to sell her home & is interested in purchasing a ClassC Lazy Daze motorhome. Those rigs are really nice, I like the ones with the rear living area & the panaromic views. Good luck with your search Sara!
Welcome to Donna K
They also have a Lazy Daze & I'm looking forward to taking the time to read through their blog when I get some time to do so.

****ON a side note, I still can't place comments on some bloggers pages :-(((  So if you don't use the pop up kind of comment or if you don't have your embedded comment page set for name/url & anonymous, then I can't leave comments. For some reason, google & blogger don't recognize my account...I hate that, but don't know how to resolve the issue.


This morning, I decided to clean my laptop computer. The fan is making a lot of noise in it. So I got my small shop vac out of the back of my van, got the micro mini cleaning tools I picked up a few weeks ago that are for the small shop vac. Took the laptop outside & went to work cleaning it. First I blew out the fan vent with the shop vac (I'm too cheap to buy canned air). Then I used the sucking side of the shop vac & attached the necessary tools to the hose to do some vacuuming of the keyboard & vent areas. I also have kitties & their hair unfortunately finds it's way into the computer. Downside is, my fan is still making more noise than I'd like to hear. Guess I'll be taking it to my friends that work on my computers & have them take the laptop apart to see if there's hair or something wrapped on the fan blades. Or maybe the fan itself needs replaced?
There are 6 tools in the kit. 2 of them aren't shown in this picture, but you can see them in the photo below. The adaptor that fits over the hose & an angled brush.

I love my little shop vac! I wish I had room in the RV to store it, but I don't, so I keep it in my van. I use it a lot in the RV though, for one, I use it to blow out the a/c a few times a year. I take off the inside cover & blow out the a/c from the inside as it accumulates a lot of dust. Makes the RV messy though, so do this before cleaning!

And now how I spent my day yesterday. As I've mentioned before, I have a little foster dog, a Chiweenie (Chihuahua X Doxie mix). He's part of a rescue group BCB Animal Rescue. I named him Carlos & saved him off the streets. Found his home, but they refused him so I took him in & put him through the program.

I'm also one of the moderators for the BCB rescue page for facebook, so I have lots of photos to edit from yesterday to put into an album on the site.
Here are a couple of the photos from yesterday:
This is Blue, enjoying some attention. Blue is a siberian husky mix. He has pretty blue eyes & is marked nicely as well.
This is Anna, one of the rescuers giving one of the kittens a kiss & a hug.
Some of the visitors that come in either come to adopt or just to come say hi to the rescues.

Either way, we appreciate them all. Visitors help with socialization & all these animals don't go off to a shelter, rather they go back to our homes as our fosters till they get adopted. PetSmart is kind enough to allow us to meet there on a weekly basis. They also allow us to place some of the kitties into their adoption area for weekly viewing. We do not do same day rescue as applications need to be filled out & resources need to be checked before any adoptions can be cleared. Placing these souls to go into permanent safe homes is our goal. I actually foster Carlos in my RV, so it can be done if anyone is interested in fostering pets for your local rescue group. However, sometimes, you will have to foster for long periods of time, so be prepared for that as well if this is in your interest to do so.

This is Carlos on one of my trips that we took down to the bay. He loves to travel & loves people & kids. He likes other dogs too, but gets a little rough when he plays with them.

This is Copper, one of my rescue kitties. Copper went into a great home! They adore him & carry a cell phone full of photos of him ;-)

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Thanks Cyn for all you do for our 4-legged friends. We haven't fostered since last summer because I knew I need to focus on my dissertation. Now I'm through and we hope to resume fostering. It's so rewarding!!!! Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. I think if i fostered, I'd want to keep.

  3. Bless you for your kindness to our four-legged friends. Our dogs are rescue dogs and they are the best dogs ever. I think somehow they know you saved them and they love you all the more for it.

  4. Thanks for caring for the little critters. We've done a lot of rescues over the years but we're trying to quit :) We're full up!

    Love little Copper. He's a beauty and I'm glad he's found a great home.

  5. Thanks guys. I'll be sad when Carlos does get rehomed, but I also know it'll be a better lifestyle for him. He needs kids in his life. He loves kids. Oh heck, he loves life! We all should have his outlook ;-)

    Copper is very happy in his home, he sleeps in a sink! haha

  6. aw.... good stuff, Cyn. My blog continually does not give updates! I missed this post.

    Your RV is so pretty. Love that sun coming through blinds picture... looks so homey.

    Makes me want to trade Homer in for one sometimes.... still dunno

    My bleeding heart would be like Merikay says... I'd want to adopt them all. I did that at one time and was a basketcase! sigh

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