Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainbows & Comment issues

We finally got rain yesterday, as I stated yesterday. It rained from about 11am through 7pm. Then as I was outside, I noticed a rainbow! Ran in, grabbed my camera, battery weak. Got 2 shots, battery died. Didn't even really get to focus as the batteries were so low. Ran in, got more batteries...they were dead too. By the time I opened a new package, rainbow gone, so I was lucky to get what I did.

Not great photos, but you can see the rainbow! It looped over the sky & dropped into a field on the next acreage, but of course, was gone by the time I got fresh batteries..oh well.

Problems with Comments:

I can't leave comments on some bloggers pages.
For some reason, if the blogger is using the pop up type of comment box, those work well. Then Blogger recognizes my google account. BUT if they are using the type that's embedded on their blog page & don't have the comments set for name/url or anonymous, then I can't comment as blogger will NOT recognize my google account & I can't leave a comment.
I've really read some interesting blogs, yet can't comment on them due to this problem. It rather sucks...I don't know how to remedy the problem. But I don't think I'm the only one with this problem either.

As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor.


  1. Beautiful photos, Cyn! Sooo ready to go to the coast...

    You commented on mine... is it hard? I just had a comment from someone who said my page jumped around when they tried to comment!

    Jeeez... how do you fix this stuff?

  2. Hi Carolyn & thanks.
    Yes, no problem commenting on your page because you use the pop up window. Blogger pages jump for me all the time, I figured it's because of my computer.
    Any trips to the coast planned in your future?

  3. I am having the same issues but you come closer to diagnosing the problem than I have. (Although I do have problems leaving comments on pop-up windows as well).

    It seems that signing in to my own account from my own blog helps.

    It's frustrating!

  4. Yes. I had planned on leaving today actually but I have this little ol baby granddaughter that got to come see us Saturday ... she will go home tomorrow..

    These closes place to me is Gulfport Mississippi... a little over 7-1/2 hours away.

    The way I drive, it takes much longer. I like to take my time and meander about. Don't like driving 8 hours straight.

    So... just to go and sit on the beach and hear the waves and smell that sea air! gotta do it.

    I hug my trees ;) but a sea visit is necessary ever now and then.

    I would love to go back and spend the winter in South Padre again. Just love that area.

  5. That would be The closest place ... HAhaaaa... ought to proof m'stuff

  6. Strange huh Kim? Doesn't make sense to me...

    Carolyn, poo, was hoping you meant the Texas Gulf coast. If you make it back this way, let me know!

  7. Are you doing okay with my full-page comment page? I think it allows name/URL, too.

  8. Yep Roxanne, it does allow the name/url & anonymous as well. I'm using the same format now too. That one seems to work better than the previous one does.

  9. I would love to go to the Texas coast but it's too far for right now... bummer

    Hope I can get there when Gypsy Boho and Chris Vermont are planning on being there. Gypsy has posted a countdown clock on her blog till she's there!

    Hopefully, we can all meet. So much I would like to see and hear from the three of you. ;)

  10. Where are they going? Does Chris have a blog? I can't get into Gypsy Boho's blog, she has it set private.

  11. OK, I was able to get into Gypsy's page after all, by following another link she had sent a few months ago, so was able to sign up as a follower with her :-))

  12. Port Aransas --- her blog is private? I don't think so, Cyn. I don't know about a blog for Chris.

    Gypsy has two blogs... naw.. it's not private... hmmmm

    I remember you're saying you couldn't comment on her blog... wasn't that you?

    Well! I'll just do a bit of investigating! ;)

  13. Hello!
    When you First sign onto your blog, do NOT checkmark the "Stay Signed In?" box...That should do it...if Not, If you get onto the internet with Internet Explorer, change to Fire Fox...That solution worked for me.

  14. When Gypsy put her link on the WGS list, I could not comment on that page, the traveling yaya one. I can't comment on it because she doesn't have the name/url or anonymous section in the comment section of that page. For some reason, blogger will not recognize my google account if folks use a certain format for their comment section. But I used that site to connect to her other blog pages & that let me in. So I signed up as a follower & I can comment on her other pages because she has those options set. Frustrating of blogger though! When I'd click her name on other people's blogs, that's when it stated she was set private, thus not letting me in. Another person's page I'd like to comment on is JoJo's, but again, can't because of the format...

  15. Thanks Donna, I should try my other laptop to see if I have any issues there. I never check the stay signed in box because once I sign in, I'm already there till I sign out. My other laptop has chrome on it, this one doesn't. I tried it on this one, but I had to delete it off because it would not work right on this computer...always something huh? Used to use firefox years ago. But I have tons of photos & vids I have to clear off this computer before I download another thing!

  16. You're welcome! Firefox is about a 10 second download and works when IE doesn't...

    The camera I used for my Grandson's "Eyes" shot is a Canon XT/Rebel...I Love it...I also use a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS. That one,I keep in my purse ALL the time. Takes Most of my photos for my blogs...I Also use PhotoShop E9 for my signature and touch-ups.
    I Love a "purdy" photo!Hahaa
    Hope you get your comment issues worked out!


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