Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm like Mary Tyler Moore!

Yesiree Bob, I am like Mary Tyler Moore!!! teehee


Because I can't sleep here right now:
My overhead bed before the it's all naked & scary looking. And poor comforter is living in a uh, black plastic bag in my van waiting to be used day...with the matching sheets so they don't all get lonesomes.

Instead, I sleep here right now:

Night use

Each night, I set up my bed. I also use an air mattress on the jack knife sofa, so that requires inflating it every night & deflating it every morning.

Day use

And the above is day use sofa. (I really need to get a new sofa cover - just how long does temporary last? I've been calling this my temporary cover for a bit too long now -- if I don't use it, then items fall between the sofa sections  -- at one time, it used to be a cat..don't ask..she was crazy about dissapearing under the sofa)

Mary Tyler Moore lived in an efficiency apartment.

Motorhomes are like efficiency apartments.

Mary Tyler Moore slept on a sofa bed.

I'm sleeping on a jack knife sofa.

Mary Tyler Moore had to make her bed each night & fold her bed back up each morning.

I make my bed each night & fold it back up in the morning.

SEE! I'm like Mary Tyler Moore!! Now where's my hat? Will a baseball cap do?
If I toss the cap into the air, will it strike a bird? Can it knock an eye out?
Should I really be worried about that?!? Should I call it a night & inflate my bed now?
Um, probably.....Nite all. ;-)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I've only been able to sleep in my "real" bed two nights since we have been home from out trip. First because the heater died (it's a water bed, then because it took two days to warm up enough to sleep in. After two nights, my husband started some work on the bedroom wall and we moved upstairs to the very narrow, somewhat hard, gust room bed!

    It's OK, but I know how you feel not being able to leep in your own place!

  2. Have you tried putting the air mattress up on top of the overhead bed during the day? This would only work, of course, if there is no water currently coming in from the leak. Would make setting up the bed at night a little less cumbersome. Hope you get things fixed real soon.

  3. Hi Longdog2, the overhead area is sealed off right now till the repairs can be made. But I did do that after my surgery till the damages ocurred. That worked well back then because I could not climb the ladder :-)

  4. Merikay, there's nothing like your own bed is there?

  5. TexCyn you have a full day just preparing and putting away the bed.


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