Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yea, can't type that one three times!! 8-)

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I'm still in limbo on what to do. I am leaning towards keeping my RV & buying a small closed in cargo trailer to tow behind. Part of my problem is, the RV is not big enough. It's not even big enough to hold a simple vacuum cleaner anywhere, except the bathtub! I have a cargo carrier on the back of the rig, that holds my dogs expens, a grooming crate & 2 plastic bins. One of the bins holds clean dog blankets & at the bottom, holds a bbq grill that is in it's own canvas cover. The other bin is empty. I use it for soiled dog blankets when I travel, if someone soils a blanket or just needs a fresh one. As ya'll know, I never actually planned on living in my rig, but found myself living in it after a hurricane damaged my house too badly for me to live in...that's another story, but the reason I moved into my RV in the year of 2008.

It was fine for awhile, I was AM GRATEFUL to have it, grateful that it's totally paid for, grateful that it gives me a place to lay my head at night. A safe place until the damages occurred to it in Nov 2011. For now, I sleep on the sofa with an airbed on that. Which is fine, but I have to set it up each night & take it down each morning. Anyhow, getting back to my dilemma. Until those damages heaved themselves upon me, I was considering trading or selling my RV in for a bigger one. Now it's probably going to cost a lot to have the overhead cab totally rebuilt. But if I sell it as is, then I will lose too much on any resale value, thus, that will suck into revenue for another RV. I want to own the next one outright as well. I haven't worked since my accident in 2010. I am getting better & have plans for my future once I can get totally back on my feet again. I was caught in a bunch of red tape so-to-speak. The docs didnt' want me working as they said walking or standing too much would not be good for me. Sitting too much also irritates me. But soon, that will all be behind me. I've received some compensation, but when one finds themselves in a medical hurricane, that's not fun either!

Sooo, I think my decision is to get the RV fixed & continue living in it till I can work & save money towards a bigger rig. And just get a cargo carrier that can hold my extra things, like the expens, extra dog supplies, my cleaning supplies, jewelry making supplies, etc.   I've yet to have a chance to take the RV out for more estimates though. Thought I could do that on Friday...nope, rain will be heading our way again on Friday. It rained today, will rain tomorrow & maybe Thursday. Now that I have the funds to get it fixed, it won't quit raining long enough for me to get it fixed! Life is strange huh? From drought to rain, rain, rain. But only rain on the only days I can find to take the motorhome in!

My current set up. I also have a bike carrier that attaches to my ladder in which to carry my bicycle.

A photo of a cargo trailer that I borrowed from the web. This one already sold when I called about it. But time is on my side as far as finding another one. I want to find a used one as opposed to buying a new one at a much higher cost!

I hope to go onto Pa to visit with my family for the summer. I want to leave in April. The doc ordered more therapy for me though, which is fine. I can work on getting stronger & by the time therapy is done, then the months will be better for my leaving weather wise anyhow.

Good news is, I am getting stronger! I hope to see lots of hiking in my future too. Lots of dog walking along the way to Pa. Some exploring along the way there, stopping at state parks for a few nights at a time.

Rain clouds from window view of docs office. The street that you can see that runs along side of the building floods when it rains a lot. Fortunately today was just spurts of rains here & there instead of our usual torrential rains. Samsung cell phone photo.

So what do you do when sitting, waiting, tapping your feet in the docs office while waiting? You take pics of course! Samsung Cell phone pic.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Well poo... what to do. So, did I miss a post where you got your insurance worked out? My blog does not update as it should .. plus it loses members then adds them back and I dunno.

    Yes.... the owning outright is what I want to do also. I don't want any payments. I'm going to wait until the money builds up and get a small motorhome.

    Your RV looks very nice ... if it just had more room, huh!

    Glad you're healing!

  2. No Carolyn, insurance isn't budging. It may be time to drop them if I can't get them to! But I still want two more statements from RV places, IF I ever get the chance to get the RV to them! Another settlement on another situation came through, so I'll be using that money for the repairs.

    I do like my little RV. But when I move the dogs back in, then we'll be crowded again...which is partly why I'd like a bigger one!

    On my next RV, I would like a bedroom with a bed to sit on or lay on. You really can't sit up in the overhead bed area. for now, I can with the sofa, but once I get the overhead cab redone, then I'll be back up there at night again. Which I do kind of miss. Having a bed to get out of & not have to deflate each morning

    Your dream rig will come along. Maybe when you least expect it!

  3. I hope you can get the over head fixed soon. Sure will make life easier inside.
    I love the Pictures you took at the Dr. office. hahaha

  4. Haha JoJo, I'm guessing that maybe I need a life when I start to take AND share pics of a doctors office!!!

  5. Have you checked into RV repair places that come out to you? There are several in the Rockport and Port Aransas area and one of the websites shows them rebuilding RV's after water and other damage.

  6. Hi Teri, Unfortunately, the cheapest service call for them to come to me is $75 just to get estimates. I want a few estimates before I decide on who to use. And since the overhead repairs require peeling away the fiberglass skin, down to the frame, it requires the RV to go into an RV shop somewhere. It makes me sick to think about it...


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