Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time? Where did you go?

Welcome to Dragonfly! Sorry I've not welcomed you sooner, life has been a bit crazy for me lately.
Here is Dragonfly's url  actually,  there's two blogs, but this one is of the cute adorable little vintage '61 Shasta TT. Sooo cute! I am looking forward to visiting your site more!

I AM STILL HERE if anyone is wondering!!! I swear, each day, I just seem to be losing more & more time. I desperately need my solo time. Seems with daily chores, therapy & back to more chores leaves such little time. I really need some time to myself. Some time to make another trip down to the bay. But I'll just have to be patient instead since Ellie (my little motorhome) can't travel right now due to risking her structure. Bummer. I haven't even had time to take her anywhere else for another estimate!

Here is where I'd like to be spending the week, down by the bay. Sleeping with a window opened, listening to the water as I go to sleep at night & awake each morning. After I get Ellie fixed, I plan on taking a trip down to the bay, then down to Corpus Christi & back. But I am wishing I were there least I have the pics from my last trip to dream over.

A beautiful sunflower

The adorable wild little quaker parrots

The seabirds

Parking at the Spillway Park in San Leon. You can not camp here, but it's a lovely place to pull over to relax at. Prepare lunch in your RV & enjoy the atmosphere. Take a walk or go fishing if you prefer. Park opens in the morning & closes at dusk.

Therapy is going well. It's still going to be quite some time before I'm fully myself again, but I do think the surgery was a success. 8 weeks in the boot has also weakend my ankle to some degree, but now that it's off, I'm trying to abide by the program to get stronger. I do have pain, but for the most part, it's just mostly discomfort. Tomorrow, I have a muscle test scheduled to determine on what level of therapy I can move onto. I'm just happy to be out of that boot & into tennis shoes again!

It's late, I must shut down & go to sleep now. Weather has been beautiful. Today, sunny & in the 60's. In the 50's tonight, but it gets cold in the RV, so I have the electric heater going & I'm sitting here, laptop on lap, electric blanket keeping me nice & toasty.

Tomorrow, another really busy day. Afghan Hound grooming again. And one Borzoi. The Afghans are a lot of work as they both are in full coat. IF I remember, I'll try to get some pics of them.

I hope all is well with everyone here. Hopefully, I'll get caught up soon! I miss ya'll terribly! Haven't even had much time to read blogs & I don't think I've read ANY in about 2 days now. And what I have read has been very sparse due to the lack of time...

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Glad to hear from you Cyn! was wondering about you...

    dadblasted ol wankle business ... go way

  2. Thanks Carolyn, I am getting better, so I'm happy about that. Muscle test proved that the ankle is getting stronger :-)
    too bad therapy can't fix the RV too!! It needs surgery...ack!


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