Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yikes, potential rain!

It's so nice to be by myself for a change. Of course, I'm still dog sitting, but I spent the day out in the RV for the most part. Warm & sunny day. Unbelievable day in fact! I even had my entry door open with the screen door closed, it was that nice! T'shirt & jeans kinda day. Loved it! Hey Russ, here's the sun I promised you the other day! It just took me a few days to get around to taking a picture.

And here is last night's moon shot. I took some others with the clouds around the moon, but since I wasn't using a tripod, they are no good. I'm surprised this one turned out.

So what did I do with my day other than take care of dogs? I made bracelets! I've finally had the time to make a few! They still need a little finishing up, but I have to go get some supplies to finish them with.

This one I made man sized. I've not done any mens yet till now, but then, these are all the first bracelets I've had time to actually sit down & do.

Then I thought I'd better check the weather after I put everything up. It was so beautiful today that I expected it to stay this way through the weekend. Was told it was to rain on Monday. Well, I'm glad I checked because weather report said rain late tonight & thunder storms tomorrow! Oh yikes! Not good for my overhead cab! So I rushed off to WalMart to buy a tarp. The one I have isn't big enough. Well, they only had 2 sizes, small & humungous! Oh that won't do, plus the huge one was rather expensive. So I went to the paint dept & bought the thick mil type of plastic sheeting & more duct tape. Guess what? Duct tape doesn't stick well to rubber roofs. :-(   Houston, we have a problem. And I had to get on the roof twice because I had no help & had one of the sheets turned the wrong way. Oy! That's a Texas Oy ya'll. I had no choice but to try to tape it to the roof anyhow. Wish me luck that we don't get winds. If we do, then I'm pretty sure it'll just simply blow off! This is not fact, it sucks. I called an RV place today that advertised that they did fix-it work, but I guess they were closed. The phone rang for awhile, then I got an answering machine. So I'll call again on Monday. This sucks. I guess I'd better go grab my trusty little shop vac out of the back of my van before the evening is over.

Have a good evening & enjoy those games if you watch them!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I hope you don't get any wind or rain. :(

    I use a Canon XS. I think you asked?

  2. Oh no, hope you don't leak. Maybe the rain will go around you.

  3. I hope the weather blows over, but if not I hope your patch holds. I can't believe the insurance company won't come through for you. Wishing you the best outcome.

  4. Darn I hope the rain stays away. Will gorilla tape hold? do you have a board to lay across or some bricks. I know with out help these things are going to be hard to deal with.
    Your shot of the moon is great. I didn't go out there tonight I was to lazy. But I don't think I have enough zoom anyway.

  5. Thanks for the sunshine! Really needed some of that, for sure. Nice shot of the moon, too. You did good! I really like the look of your bracelets you made. You do good work. You might be able to seal things up with some bonding tape that will stick to the rubber roof. You might check out Andy Baird's blog he mentions some things that might work.

  6. I'm catching up too! Sorry to hear about your rv problems...if it is not one thing it's another sometimes. I think I would get it fixed and settle for a bit...most times the grass is not greener.


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