Sunday, January 8, 2012

Black Cloud - go away!

OK as I mentioned yesterday, I put heavy duty plastic over my overhead front area. I asked for opinions on what I should do & I truly appreciate the advice that was given me. One of my fears of using a strong kind of bonding tape is that it could potentially tear the rubber roof. Actually, I was afraid that duct tape could do that too, until I discovered it did not want to stick well! Plus I was not able to go out this morning to try to find anything stronger than duct tape. But I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to get my roof cleaner, fresh tape, a spray bottle of water to clean the roof cleaner off with, a roll of paper towels & a towel to clean up the rubber roof along the tape line with. It was dark when I secured it last night, so I did not get a chance to properly clean that area of the rubber roof. Sooo, I have my supplies together, I go out to the dog yard & put my dogs back in the inside kennel. Then before I got back outside, as I was ON the way outside, the skies broke loose!!! ARGH!! It rained enough to saturate everything, but I AM happy to say that the plastic did the job. Sun is out now, so I'm hoping the roof will dry long enough for me to make another attempt at getting back up there. If I were an American Indian, I'm pretty sure my name would be Black Cloud! Now I want to know how to send Murphy with his naughty law & his black cloud out of my life! Thank goodness for the heavy 4mil plastic sheeting. I'm also glad I bought two sheets at the store as I needed both of them. Almost bought one big sheet, but wasn't sure about the size, so opted to get two smaller ones instead & that seems to be working ok. At least they aren't dark & depressing like a dark tarp might be.

So here are some photos that I took a short while ago: Click on any photos for larger images.

Ellie likes her cab windows covered with the bonnet, although you really can't see that well in the photo. She also likes to wear her slippers when she's parked. (but not when she's driving!)

A new leak discovered. This is one of my kitchen windows. I think the glazing bead needs replaced. I replaced all the slimmer glazing beading a few months back, but not the fatter size. So as a temporary measure, I just taped my white duct tape along the bottom of the window. I'll ask the repairman if the glazing bead needs replaced or if I need to do anything else when I take it over for an estimate on the overhead cab repairs. I caulked around all the windows & the frame of the RV last spring, but this water was going in under the glass where the window opens up. You can see where the rain water drips above on the black rim, right onto the glass. Always something!! I keep telling myself it's still cheaper than a house.....right???

Uh it's getting windy======I give up!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Boy TexCyn you sure did a nice job of making a raincoat for Ellie. I'm hoping the rain and wind go away and you can be renamed Princess Sun in the Face.

  2. Haha, thanks John! It reminds me of the old plastic rain bonnets!

  3. Don't ask me how to get rid of Murphy. I just endured. :)

  4. Murphy does seem to be staying around longer and longer. You have had enough now. Amazing how creative we can be at temporary fixes. We ended up using one of my kitchen spatulas when our window started really leaking bad. It worked until Jim could get a permanent fix done. But I sure hope that black cloud moves on somewhere and you finally get some sun in your life.

  5. True Judy..true. Hmmm, a spatula huh Sandie? Hmmm...nah, I'd better not. I have visions of me beating the window ;-) Do you know how Jim fixed yours?

  6. Wow...sure hope you get rid of Murphy quicker than Judy did. Looks like you got a good fix on the plastic. Hope the wind doesn't get too strong.

  7. Good job TexCyn, but what I started thinking about was should you be climbing on a ladder with your new surgery? I know sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. Hope the sun comes out soon like tomorrow.

  8. Murphy has been following me around for way too many years now -it's like I'm married to him. He's a bad husband.
    JoJo, I probably should not, but no one was here to help me, plus no one here can climb that ladder other than me. It had to be done to prevent any further damages. And yes, my foot yelled at me up there, but I ignored it. Then it yelled at me again later today because I had to put a pair of uncomfy shoes on..the other pair found themselves deep in dog doodoo, then they found themselves at the end of a water hose nozzle, then they found themselves in the if they want to find themselves, they are drying out on a rotted over head cab deck.

  9. Looks like a great big shower cap, alright. That looks like it should keep the water at bay for awhile. (Water should stay in the bay, or the lake, or the river, just NOT in the RV, right?)


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