Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool RV fixit website

I'm still pathetically behind. Not sure I'll ever get caught up! But I came across this site a short while ago as I'm looking at ClassC overhead rebuilds. Just doing my homework & looking at what will need to be done to mine.

This site covers a number of issues to leaks, repairs, how to look at used RV's, how to build your own bike carrier, etc. Looks like a pretty cool site, so I bookmarked it & thought it was interesting enough to share with anyone that is interested. Bookmark it for future use!

And of course, if ya'll have great sites, please share them here as well.

I just cleaned up my cute little kitchen & will be heading out the door soon for more therapy. Spent the weekend at a dog show, but neglected to take my camera along. I should have so I could have shared some pics with ya'll. I didn't enter or show any dogs. I still can't run, but it was nice to get out & hang out with old dog show friends. :-)  I am hoping to be able to show at a show in March. Birdie needs to get back out in that big ring! And so do I...

Also, I'm still having blogger issues. I hope this resolves soon!

Have a great day everyone!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. When I'm away from blogging for a few days, I have determined that it is impossible to get caught up with everyone. I just pick up wherever I happen to be and go on from there. Good luck with the rebuild.

  2. Sure hope you find a fix you can do yourself. I will look over the site later. Thanks
    Love the picture of the cat. LOL

  3. You're right Donna. I was hoping to catch up on some, but at this point, it's better to just move on & read the most current.

    JoJo, the entire overhead cab needs rebuilt now :-( I was searching to see how it's built & what it looks like. Doesn't look like a job I could do myself.
    That cat picture makes me laugh - too funny!


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