Saturday, January 28, 2012

We be bloomin'

The other night, I took this photo. But I didn't have the settings set right on the camera, so it didn't turn out very well. But I wonder what the little dot are in the photo? I found them rather odd. Bugs? I think I used the flash, so it probably hightlighted bugs.

The clouds looked so interesting that night, too bad I didn't have the camera set right.

It's January, right? Well that's almost over, but still, we be bloomin' all over the place here now!
Today was sooo gorgeous. Cool, yet gorgeous. Folks bike riding everywhere, families on bikes. Families on walks. They all seemed to be out together today as I cut through the neighborhoods to run my errands instead of running on the main drag where the traffic is heaviest. Green grasses everywhere, flowers blooming everywhere - just a beautiful day!

This tree is in my friends' yard. I don't know what the tree is, but the little white flowers are so pretty. I think white flowers are about my favorite color of flower. When I had my house, I did one flower bed in white one year. It was so neat at night to go out & visit the pretty white flowers.

The blooming tree.

And I had an assistant while working:

This Ihop. He gained his name after being found at an Ihop restarauant, unfortunately, hit by a car. He was taken to a vet, vetted & had an artifical hip inplanted due to the accident. He was then adopted by my friends when the lady that saved him could no longer care for him. He's a pretty cool cat.

These flowers are Virignia Creeper. Rather pretty huh?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day today! Keep livin' the good life!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. The dfodills arebloming, and the yellow margarettes. The tree flowers will be burstibg soon. Its been a cold winter,butnotmuch rain.

  2. Those are pretty flowers on that tree. My 2 guess' are cherry or apple. But I am sure someone will know for sure. Nice pictures.


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