Saturday, January 14, 2012

Either I'm blank or blogger is..I'm bugged

It's been really busy again lately, but I have an issue. I thought I could take this morning, sit down & get caught up on blogs. It seems I can't do that! Almost everyone's page I click on, the pages start to load, then go blank! All white. Nothing. Either ya'll have become ghosts or I've become blind & can only see white, or it's my computer or it's blogger???  It doesn't happen with any webpages or anything else though. Anyone else ever have this issue? I want to read blogs! You hear me blog god??!!! Of course, I can't comment on what I can't see either...unless ya'll have become ghosts too? ::sigh::

Fun with Adobe photo old photo program that I still use. One day, someone said they had a dream about a brindle possum, so I made one.

One day, one of my dogs ate a locust. I saw him grab it, I saw him running around the yard with it buzzing in his mouth. Then he swallowed it. That was odd & kind of freaky. Then this happened the next day. Beware!!!! Be warned! This too can happen to your dogs!!!

Fortunately, the locust syndrome wore off (actually, it's a ciciadia or however you spell it). But then, one day he ate a Cockatiel....

His name is Bandera, his nick name is Bad Dawg. We don't call him Bad Dawg for nuthin'

Oh, I forgot! One day, he also ate a human when he was a baby puppy!!! I probably should not have shared this one. It might get him a life's sentence..

OK, this photo kind of give me the creeps. A friend of a friend did this one...thank Goodness I wasn't me this time!

Another beautiful day here today! Which is great!! 2 days ago, it got soooo windy that Ellie's rain cap mostly stayed suspended in the air above her. I have no idea why it's staying on there. There truly are rain bonnet gods!!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~
But don't tell mine I'm making fun of them again...


  1. Gross! on that puppy-eating-human picture. It's kind of why I hate to look at monkeys. It's kind of why monkeys hate to look at me.

  2. Just caught up on the last several of your posts. I am glad you are doing so well and no longer have to wear that boot! I bet that was uncomfortable, especially if you have been having warmer weather.

    I have had wierd things happen with blogger but they are usually cleared up by the next day.

  3. Ahem & the bulging red eyes didn't "bug" you GLD?? haha, actually, I still do not like the puppy/human one either - but other folks seem to like it...

    Sunny, how are you? How's the rehab coming along? I'm glad to be out of the boot, but downside is, my ankle is really weak. And painful. But it will pass! week, I'll get my hip adjusted. Downside to the boot is, it messes with your body's balance!

  4. Its not your computer its blogger. I have been putting up with this mess for a week now. today I am finally able to post comments but it takes forever and I had to sign out just to get out of my own. Yes some time white page or it just would freeze and not move. Lets see what happens here and I was able to get into shoeless joe this morning.
    UH the dog ate the human is quite discusting. :(P Hope we get thruogh this lasted blog issue.

  5. JoJo, I still can't comment on yours or John's blogs :-(((
    I wonder if it's the format or what? Don't know, but it's annoying that we can't comment & play. THe only way I can read ya'lls is if I hit your blog name rather than the title of the blog from my blog roll. If I hit the title, then page comes up blank. Strange stuff going on, I hope blogger resolves it soon!!

  6. Oh bother! It just happened with Travels with Emma too! ARGH!!!


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