Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bang! Pop! Bang! Pop Pop..POP!

Those were the sounds of the morning. POP! BANG! POP! Yep, that's what woke me up this morning - Hail! A hail storm! And it lasted for quite awhile too. Thunder, lightning, rain, tornados & hail! And of course, the rocking that RV's do with the wind. Wild morning - yay, it's like going to the state fair! yay! ok, really? Ok, not yay. BUT yes, there IS a YAY & a YIPEE!!! Why? Because for whatever reason, the plastic stayed on the RV & no rain got in! so YAY! Of course, what was the first thing I did when I noticed the noise? Well the same thing anyone with a blog would do, I hunted for my video camera! And I took footage, even footage of the news. It rained sooo hard that water came into the RV. But NOT where the plastic is! It came where I'd least expect it to. It came in through the vent, yes, the covered vent that the kitchen vent hood blows out of. Yes, it does rain from the ground up if you must ask??(?) Obviously it does. My vent said so. So my favorite picture of Zeus (one of my saluki kids) got soaked! Boo, bad water! Actually, it was dripping off the mini blinds. Had I not noticed that, then the water may have sat around all day, all night...another all day? Who knows? Another leak, my big picture window by the sofa. I think I do need to change out the fat glazing bead as the kitchen window leaks around the fat stuff too. At least that's just two windows to address. The part where I redid the skinny glazing bead all is doing good. (yes, they are skinny & fat because I said so). After the hail subsided, my friend Judy went outside to clear the ditches & to assess the area. Their side yard flooded, down to their studio building. She went into the building & said there was a little water on the floor, but it wasn't bad. It didn't reach where I have my foam stored for now for the big overhead cushions - thank goodness!!! And the RV gods did look out for me today because they held that plastic down for me! Yay! I was certain it would be gone with the wind...but I'm afraid that could not have happened because I would not have been able to say "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn". Oh yes, surely some bad words would have been said, but not that phrase! I won't say here what my words probably would have been or blogger would can me...for life. Really.
There was a tornado a mile down the road from us. That was probably about the time the RV was a'rockin'.  Wheeee, we're rockin'! <nervous grin>  Then I found out this evening that there was another tornado to the other mile to the right of me. The other one was to the left of me. Mr left Tornado lifted someone's paddle boat & shoved it nicely into a tall tree. Channel 2 news was there when we drove by it when we went out to run errands this afternoon. So no one told Mr right Tornado that Christmas is over & that paddle boats are NOT really ornaments! Mr right Tornado made a lady get all scared. She grabbed her dog & sat in her bath tub with it. She said her doors inside of her house were all creeking & making noises. That would be scary, but when done, no harm done to her or her little dog. But there was another Tornado by hwy 6 that did damages to a few homes. Fortunately, our tornados are more rare & aren't huge like midwest tornados are! But it still would scare me if one crossed my path! Or wiped out my path....yikes! Hurricanes, I know when they are coming. I can prepare. Tornados & fires, no warning, no time to react & prepare. So anyhow, after I've just bored ya'll to tears, or a long nap, here are two photos of the flooded side yard, which did recede well later in the day.
And here are two videos. During & then the aftermath. I sure AM GLAD that the plastic gods were here for me & kept that plastic down! Whew!!!

Now I can't put Feather out in the kennel because if she peed in it, wouldn't that like peeing in a pool?

This video below is what it's like inside of the RV during such a storm. Take note of the plastic! Yay!

This is the outside area awhile after the storm.

I'm very, very, very, very, very grateful that Ellie, the RV is ok after her bath by nature. Actually, she's wearing a bit of nature now due to the bath...pine needles anyone? Can't they be used for some kind of craft? No? Oh well, ok, Ellie will proudly wear them then. (Don't tell her Christmas is over, in fact, she's still wearing her inside decs).

Just saw something funny in a movie on tv. A silly comedy with Jamie Lee Curtis. She mentioned to one of the characters something about that character's...um, character about her marrying her own brother. That character said "But he's not my brother. I mean, he was, but he's not now. He's my husband!" teehee, struck me funny.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. WOW!!! yes just saw on GMA scenes from Houston flooding... glad your safe!

  2. Glad you and Ellie survived the wild weather. Your post produced a few chuckles on this end.

  3. Great job on the filming. That was some storm. I can hardly believe that your plastic held out in the wind but am so glad it did. Storms are so much louder in an RV. Get some rest today. We didn't get very much rain in San Antonio.

  4. I am so happy to hear you are safe. And the plastic held - whoppee!!! Those storms were horrible.

  5. Happy for you that the plastic held, sorry that you have other leaks. I'm always worried about leaks. We had a heavy rain in Port Aransas on Monday morning for awhile, created a pool of water around my RV site. It has been real windy yesterday and today, so I'm staying close to the RV, don't like walking around much in the wind.

  6. I was pretty surprised that the storm made national news. I just thought maybe Houston was making a big sensational deal, but I guess the country had to tag along on that...slow news day? Course, I'd probably think differently had I sustained damages! Cold today. I have the heater on. Could not take the cold any longer. Now it's 68 in here instead of 58. Mucho better for a tropical kinda gal.

  7. So glad that plastic held in all that wind. At least the windows are an easy fix for.
    Tried watching the video's but they kept cutting out. What I did get to see was something.

  8. At least you didn't get into the path of one of those tornadoes. But, my goodness, that was some storm. Cannot believe the plastic made it through - you must be handier than you think!! Stay safe and dry now.

  9. I sure can relate to going through those kinds of elements, but your videos were excellent. Brought back a few gnarly memories or three of here in my RV...5th wheel actually. Once the wind was blowing so hard I couldn't eat my lunch sitting at my dinette for all the rocking and rolling my rig did. Solved that problem by buying a tripod for the twobar and later putting the awning all the way out and really sinching it down so the rig doesn't take flight in high winds. Reinforced by one by's. So far so good. We do brave the elements in these things though, don't we?
    Glad you made it through OK.


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