Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stuff & stuffed

I'm stuffed. Made & ate waaaaaaaay too much spaghetti tonight! Blop! That's how I feel. Like a big ole blop!
RV is still in the shop of course, I'm still RVless, I miss being in there! My allergies are taking hold of me big time right now. Looks like someone punched me in my right eye. I'm not so sure that someone didn't sneak in the bedroom last night & do just that to me! Then two other red dots appeared on my face, neck & chest. Loverly. I'm now a science project.

I so want to get back into doing this - showing my dogs again! This is Feather at the nationals in 2004. She was just a widdle kid back then. BUT then she went back in 2006 & WON the nationals!! That was a huge defeat for us! It's one of the things that dog show folks want in their careers, to win their breed's national! And my Feather did just that :-)   Then I took her to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show at Madison Square Garden in 2007. We had fun doing that as well. It makes for nice memories. We didn't win there, but it was still fun.

Feather is now 10 years old & retired. I need to get her daughter, Birdie, back out into the ring & try for her Championship. But in the meantime, she can just mature more & maybe mentally too ;-)  Birdie does have some points, I just need to be able to get her back out & show her more.
Birdie at the bay.

Soooo, I set my therapy appointments for next week. They said I only had 3 sessions left! Oh yipee. Oh Joy! Oh, I'll be done with this very soon!!! Well not so fast Cowgirl....the head therapist caught me aside & told me I was going to move onto the next step into more rigorous exercise!
Oh bummer!
And exercise?
Oh poo!!

I had plans on leaving here in about 6 weeks to head on up to Pa...oh well, it'll probably be too cold up thar still anyhow.
But again, bummer!
I have no idea how long the next step will be.

So while Ellie is at the RV hospital, I snuck out behind her back & looked at an RV today. Actually, it's one of the ones I'd like my next rig to be...when I hit the pot of gold.
Or a lost wallet.
Or some rich unknown relative hands me down some dough.
Yea right.

There are two rigs I'd consider. I like the Coachmen Ramp & Camp. Saw this on ebay. What a cool rig! The back room could be my doggie room!

And I really like the Jayco Designer. They don't make this model anymore, it's now the Jayco Greyhawk. I did see a Greyhawk with the same floorplan as the Designer, so I'm glad they still make it. But the price diff is pretty big. But then, the GreyHawk is newer than the Designer is.

Another borrowed ebay photo. What I like about the Designer is the basement storage & the big walk thru bathroom! And the light. It has plenty of fresh sunlight that filters through. I really like this rig!

Here's two photos of the bathroom:
(taken by me today, but I was too dumb to take exterior shots - duh)

Isn't this a great bathroom!

Incidentially, I thought I just lost this post! EEKs, the batteries died in my wireless mouse, I was fixing it & my blog dissapeared! Yikes. Glad blogger saved it! Cause I would not want to type all this all over again!

If anyone finds a wallet
If wallet has money in it
It's mine

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. If I find your wallet do I get a reward LOL!! That's a nice looking rig and it's always great to dream.

    Going to Westminster is a very big deal. How exciting. Hope you get there again someday.

  2. I've never seen that Camp and Ramp before but it sure seems made for you since you have the big dogs. Their crates would work perfectly in the back and give you your own room upfront. I saw several 2006's on the web, really nice. Look to be in great shape too. Never hurts to dream.

    Hope your current RV gets done soon.

  3. I think it's amazing how all RVers spend lots of time looking at other RV's even when they're happy with the one they have. Love to dream. Reminds me I need to go buy that lottery ticket. LOL The girls are just beautiful

  4. I will can keep you updated on PA weather in about 3 weeks :D
    Your dogs are lovely. My daughter and I used to show our dairy goats and had several championships. Know what it like. It gets in your blood.
    That first RV picture looks like its just right for you. I dont think I'd want one quite that big, I like little.

  5. Liked your positivity in this post, Cyn! So glad to see you and what Ellie doesn't know won't hurt her... ;)

    What a rig! wow

  6. I like the Coachmen and think it would be great for the dogs. The designer
    Has a great bathroom and looks plenty big enough for the dogs and you too.
    But if I find the wallet I'm sure it will be mine. Sorry

  7. Can we split whats in the wallet? I need tires ya know! ;) Your dogs are so beautiful!


  8. The Designer seems perfect for you, if you have a penchant for wider space and homey interior. I must say, the bathroom is really amazing! So, how are things doing now? I hope you already had your RV by now. A lot of adventures are probably waiting for you on the road. Have fun!

    Lisa Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center

    1. I am still in my small ClassC. The Designer would fit my needs so well. It sold 20 minutes before I could get back there. ..was on my way, someone dropped cash on it. Oh well...


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