Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where's Sara?

???Where's Sara???

Nope, that's only a part of Sara..

Where is Sara?

Oh, here she is! Hiding in a corner. You can't touch me says she! (especially if I don't look at you. If you can't see my face head on, you can't see me...)

Oh man, I looked at you, now you can see me!!!
I think I look fine. Just let me sport this punk look - otay? I am giving you my best "stink eye"...sneer, go away.

Whew, she finally finished abusing me! Clippers, scissors, combs, brushes! It's not a dogs life, it's a human thang. ...but please don't tell her, I do look rather adorable.

Here is what I looked like before. I don't know why she uses crappy cell phone shots. But the before is a crappy cell phone shot. Dolly thought maybe she could hide me. She should have put her pink coat on me to hide me. Then I would have been able to stay as a shaggy looking sheepdog type of puppy  instead of a cute...well...ok...cute huh?

Then after grooming me, she made this! Yummy! Potato soup! YUM! Hey, wait, she gave me DOG FOOD for dinner! What's wrong with this picture. Wow, my workcamper sucks. I'm going to give her computer back to her long & arf - Sara

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~

(& share your soup with them! --Sara)


  1. Sara - you are a cutie whether you're shaggy or shaved. You can come visit me anytime.


  2. Sara does NOT look happy during the process. But she sure looks good when she's done. What a difference and what a cute dog.

  3. HAHaaaaaa... poor Sara! cutie pie... Hahaaaa Soup looks wondeful!!!

  4. That one glowing eye in picture #3 reminds me of Children of the Corn. You might want to sleep with an eye open tonight.

  5. John! your so mean. (but OK funny at the same time)
    Sara looks good nice job Cyn.

  6. Very clever with your first picture of the fur. My poods need it in the worst way. It's still cold here at night, so they get a little reprieve.

  7. Tell Sara it's better than going to Weight Watchers! :)

  8. Good job. Funny how much younger they look when they have had a trim! Wish cutting my hair would do the same for me.

  9. We have two cocker spaniels that we keep shaved down. One definitely takes after Sara. Will not look at us if she knows what is in store!


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