Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Defrosting the igloo & tarp curtains

Hi everyone, hope all is well today.

My RV, Ellie, is now in the shop for repairs! I wish it would never have happened, but it's being addressed now as I type. The entire day of yesterday was spent on prepping the RV, taking essential items out of the RV, overthinking & taking more out of the RV. I swear, I thought it would only take a couple of hours, but I lost my energy after the first couple of hours, so it all went slowly from that point on. So as I type this, I'm surrounded by my stuff! Too much stuff from the looks of it...but then, one container holds my pantry food items, one container holds some of the loose stuff that I tossed into there to go through while I wait for Ellie to return, a pile of clothes, toiletries, etc...And I decided to bring the African Violets in after all. I didn't want to miss the bloomies!
Felton's RV service also looked like they had gotten several more rigs in for this & that. So I'm sure they'll be pretty busy there.
After I got what I needed out of Ellie, I then got the tension bar that I used to use in my van & stretched it from the cabinets. I also kept the old shower curtain rings, so they finally came in handy. I popped them onto the tarps & connected them to the tension rod. So now the back of the RV will stay fairly clean...maybe. And I also took another tarp & covered my sofa with it. The plastic that was covering my overhead cab area, I took down & left it in there so they could use it to cover the seats up front & the dash.

Like my new furniture covers? Furturistic maybe? No?

I just realized I'm sitting in this really huge bedroom, all stuffed into the smallest corner of it I could find. I guess I like small spaces ;-) I'm kind of like a turtle without it's shell. I don't know how to act!

So one of the chores yesterday was to also empty out the RV fridge. I really thought that was going to be some insanely huge chore, for whatever reason. But of course, it wasn't. But maybe I thought that because I had just finished cleaning out one of my friend's big fridges in her house. Yes, they have two big fridges. I have on tiny fridge compared to theirs. But that's all I need anyhow. So I have this plastic carry container that I keep in my microwave to use for storage. In that container, I keep popcorn, chips, chip clips, hot chocolate packets & a few small items like that. I emptied the items into a container & used that for my fridge items. I fill it up, that's all I had to use. Tossed out an expired bottle of ketchup & mustard. Well the mustard, I could not tell the date on it, so since it's such an inexpensive product anyhow, in the trash it went. Then cleaned out the freezer, didn't have much there either. One frozen food item & frozen dog bones. No, not for me!! My doggies! Then I shut down the fridgemeister. Um, my freezer must have had an eskimo living in it. I saw an igloo. Really. So I attacked the igloo with a heater that I borrowed from my friend. But the heater had a shut off button on the bottom! So then, I had to find something to prop under that to keep the button pushed in. Found a box of baking soda (which is now residing inside the fridge) & two boxes of playing cards that were contained in hard plastic cases. Then I had to hold my breath, check my pulse, (no sneezing!), to stabilize the heater on top of the boxes hanging the top with a bungie at the same time. Presto, success! I walk away, it all falls down...grrr. So once again, I follow the same steps, this time it stays! Yay, it melts the igloo. I kept checking it in total fascination over the melting ice (I need a life huh?).  Oh & I also bought a shammy to place on the freezer floor to collect igloo debris. It worked quite well. Then at one bright light moment, it dawned on me to just pull the igloo off because it was all falling apart anyhow. Duh. So I did. Then I sat it in the sink so it could freeze the sink.
OK, so now WAKE UP! Because I see your eyes falling asleep over this boring post! So here's the boring pics to go with the boring postey. (& you didn't know I could see you did you? Please go put something on that is more presentable--Really!)

The heater doing it's balancing act. Oh & it got used at the very lowest setting!

Look at that back wall, I TOLD YOU there was an igloo in there!!

Shammy WOW!

Igloo debris melting all over the shammy wow.

Back wall of the igloo!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. OH! A new clothing line!!! Yay! Is it designed in blue tarp? I took out my contacts...

  2. Love the heated doing the balancing act, looks like a Rube Goldberg setup. I hope the repairs go well.

    1. Thanks John, I hope it goes well too! ;-)

  3. Very creative on your balancing act. I told Jim today that we have to defrost our fridge also. When the ice starts knocking the food out of the freezer it's definitely time.

    1. I hear you Sandie...it gets pretty bad when the freezer door won't close huh!

  4. I'm worn out! good lord! busy busy busy.. Elli's going to be beautiful!

  5. Replies
    1. Ha Carolyn, I didn't catch that the first time! ;-)

  6. I am so happy for you. Now you can go back up to the sleeping quarters and not worry about taking a shower while you sleep.
    Didn't you just defrost that thing not to long agp? Maybe it was some one else.
    The guys that worked on my rig left it just as clean as it was when I dropped it off. But then they didn't have to tear out a wall either. But nice tarp job.

    1. Thanks JoJo, I think the guy probably thought I was nuts. But hey, I like her clean! Um, I might still take a shower in the overhead bed from time to time...when I forget to close my vent & it rains on me! Or like the time I put a cover over the vent & well, it rained & I got a little wet that night ;-)
      I don't have a vent cover over it because I like to open it & look at the stars at night.


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