Friday, February 3, 2012

What is it? Mexican Eagles & a sunset

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well today.

Thought I'd start out with last nights sunset. It was beautiful! I especially liked the suns rays peering out between the broken clouds in the sky. That was what caught my attention. I ran to the RV, grabbed my camera, then had to hike it to the back pasture to get the shots. Carefully, as it's been raining & it's swampy back there. Our sunsets don't last very long here. You blink & gone! I missed the sun within a matter of a short minute of walking to a spot to try to shoot it, but still caught the rays.

We saw 3 of these birds the other day. Of course, they were spotted on the way home & no camera in hand! No place to pull over for a photo op either. I keep looking for them, but never see them where I can actually pull over for shoots. They are really impressive looking birds. Often referred to as The Mexican Eagle, but are actually Caracara cheriway. They are actually well dressed vultures.
I want to go camping on Gonzales county in Texas to go get my eyes full of them! Or hope to at least.

This is a stock photo taken from google.

Now for another direction - I have this thing in my kitchen. I call it the Lhama.


Because it spits on me!

All of the time.

It waits.

It lurks.

I enter.

It spits.

At least it spits a nice odor at me ;-)

And now for the "What is it?" item

What is this?







Does this help?

How 'bout this?

A porcupine???

Nah, it's a fold up hair brush & mirror!!

Saw it at WalMart the other day & thought it would be a cool gizmo to pack into a back pack someday when I can hike again! Cool or junk? Or maybe just cool junk? My downfall is, I like gadgets! And it's only $1.00 in the travel item section where you buy the small containers to put shampoos & such in.

Oh & tomorrow, someone is supposed to come give me a quote on the overhead repairs. Wish me luck & that it'll be afffffordable!!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I saw some of those birds at the pond here at the campground. At first I thought they were eagles and then looked at a "bird book". That brush is good for hiking, you are supposed to carry a mirror with you when hiking for signaling distress or to start a fire if lost in the dark.

  2. Yes Judy, it is! Teri, good to know! It's pretty comforting to know that I can be found, yet brush my hair so I don't scare the rescuers away! Otherwise, they'll think they've found Bigfoot. I now have to google how to find out how to start fires with mirrors. I didn't know that either.

  3. And it's not very big so you don't have to try and find a place to stow it away. Fancy fancy vultures. Good luck with the repairs quote.

  4. lol... nice brush! I can 'see' you are doing much better... glad to read it... ;)

    I'ma wishin you luck!

  5. Good luck with the estimate. Need to get that done so you can hit the road as soon as your foot/ankel is better. I posted the pics you asked for.
    Love your brush mirrow thing.

  6. I got those hairbrush thingys for my granddaughters last year. They loved them.


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