Sunday, February 19, 2012

Odor Control & preparing the RV for service

Hi, hope all is well with everyone today.

Since I had the overhead damages, I bought plastic to seal the area down with till the RV goes in for repairs. This is an effort to cut down on odor smells & hopefully, cut down on any mold issues as well. I got my electric air purifier out of the cabinet, which uses a carbon filter to help clear molds out of the air. I got odor absorbing pellets & put a Dri-Z-Air unit in the over head area sealed under the plastic to aid in the war of the overhead cab area. They are my temporary soldiers ;-)
My curtains look green here. They aren't, it's just the lighting. However, I've listed them to come down too so they don't get damaged!

Dri-Z-Air is a product developed to take moisture out of the air. You put Dri-Z-Air pellets in the container & they will dissolve into liquid, which the container holds in the bowl portion of the unit. You throw that away, but not down the sink. I dispose of the liquid outside on the grass. It will damage metals, but I also place the unit inside of a bowl as a precaution of it not spilling outside of it's own little bowl.

The odor elimator pellets should last years! I just took them off the overhead cab area & put them out in the sun so they can rejuvinate. I think you're supposed to do that every six months, but I thought it best to do it today so the sun can destroy any mold thingys (spores I guess?). I think I'll place that in the back part of the RV during the repairs as well since the RV will be closed up when they aren't working on it.

This is a smaller version of odor absorbing crystals that are meant for the fridge. So they are out in the sun right now too. Sun? YES SUN!!! We gots sun today! yay! But I did think that maybe the world was simply coming to an end when I saw a bright light in the sky. Truly. We've not seen that bright light in days. Or maybe I was heading for the heavens & just didn't realize it?? Ok, back to reality.
I had prepared the RV for temporary usage, now I have to prepare it for the repairs. And take items out that are needed for daily use. Also remove important items that I should not leave inside Ellie during the time of reconstruction of the overhead cab. I started making a list on paper. This way, although I plan on trying to keep pretty much everything together in the same spot (cept fridge items -- because they could get gross in a box beside my other stuff..they could grow legs & arms & attack other things. really.It can happen. It might happen in your dreams tonight), I can check the list when things have to return to Ellie when she returns to her space in the driveway.

I will call Felton's RV service tomorrow to see if I can take Ellie over there on Tuesday morning to drop off for the start of the repairs. I hope I won't be without her too long! Another thing that I was impressed with was, since I told them that I live in my RV, their first question was, how will you get around? Do you have another vehicle to drive? I said yes & they actually looked relieved that I'd be ok! Wow. I wasn't going to get that kind of concern with the other folks, I was impressed. They were also concerned where I'd live in the meantime, but I told them that I had planned on staying in my friend's house.

Another friend of mine suggested that I seal the back part of the RV up with a plastic sheet. Great Idea!! That way, that part can remain somewhat clean from debris & such from the rebuild. So I'll need to see if I can get a tension bar long enough to stretch from the walls & hang a sheet of plastic over that. GREAT IDEA! Otherwise, if I can't find a tension bar that long, I can probably use the wall puddy stuff that's removable. I bought extra when I did my cute kitchen plaques.

I debated whether to take my plants out or not. But I think I'll just put them in the kitchen sink & leave them in the RV. They should be ok for 10 days. The African Violets are in violet containers that hold water & the other is a succulent, so doesn't need much water. One of the violets is starting to bloom. Bummer, it'll be in it's stages of blooming while gone, but they usually last for quite awhile before the little flowers die off.

See the new little bloomies? Cool!

Ok, I've yammered on long enough. I must get busy. Have a great day everyone!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Bet your glad to finally get this repair started!

  2. Looks like you've got all the moves figured out. I hope the repairs are done well an quickly.

  3. It will be so wonderful to have the rig fixed and back to you again. It looks lost up there with all those big trucks.

  4. Love African Violets... can you go visit them? ;)

    Wonderful friends you have!

  5. My africa violets are hardy. 2 years ago I bought new pots and the special dirt to replant. Well that stuff is still sitting in my shed. There i hardly any dirt left in the pots they are in. Every day I think hey are you going to trans plant those poor things or what. But they just keep blooming.
    Bet your excited to be getting those repairs done.

  6. Thanks everyone, I'll be really happy once this is all done!! I got an offer on the rig today! Someone pulled in the driveway behind the RV & layed on their horn. I came out (was inside my friends house) & he offered me cash for the RV. He wanted to give me 4k for it. I told him to go buy a travel trailer. Really, he wanted something for his mother in law to live in, but it was going to stay parked. I put 3k into my rig last year. It would suck to sell it for that price!
    Carolyn, I guess I won't be visiting the violets. If I do & I see my rig all torn up, it might freak me out a little!

  7. Oh & Sandie. I love that picture. I was soo tired one evening. No where to go. I finally found that spot & thought, oh, looks like a good boondocking spot. Woke up the next morn & saw all those trucks! ;-)

  8. I'm catching up! I'm glad you found a company that seems to be concerned about your well being.

    I can't wait to read the after post!


  9. Is this inside the RV? How do you eliminate odors. Thanks for posting and the response.

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