Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Repair woes & bracelets

                               Hi blogger friends, I hope all is well with everyone.

I've been on the phone lately trying to get ballpark estimates on the overhead repairs. So far, the range has been from $4.5K to um, $12K! Wow, was I shocked over the $12K quote!! For now, I will refrain from mentioning what place that was. I plan on calling in the morning as I was having issues with the guy that gave me the quote. He copped a bad attitude with me & was rude about it. I guess the big city RV places don't need business enough to even be pleasant anymore!? Not to mention (well I am, aren't I) the absurd price they quoted me. I also found a review site & they were not very favored. To be honest, I've used them before & sustained damages to my RV from them. I called one of the managers & they made good by offering some free work & a discount on the work they did, but still, the damages should never have happened to begin with. They seem to view my RV as a piece of junk because it's not a newer model. That to me is RUDE. This same company also made me feel bad about living in my RV because of losing my house after Hurricane Ike. I should NEVER go back there! I was scolded by a certain person of this company for living in my RV with DOGS! ::shudder::!!!
He spoke of how his house is perfect, how inconvienced he was when he had to evacuate for Hurricane Rita (which didn't turn out to be a big deal here, except for the zillion fire ant bites I got during the clean up), blah, blah, blah....well, as you can imagine, I could not seem to dig up any sympathy for such a person. Especially since the person was dissing me! Wow. Amazing. So now it looks like my woes are turning into a rant. Sorry. I tried to take issue while I was there, but all the people of importance were out to lunch. Just my luck. I started to tear up, so had to leave asap. I just could not face anyone anymore.

I am considering on doing some of the repair myself, but not sure if I can do that or not. I just don't have a big expense account. Due to my injury in 2010, I got caught up in red tape & was told by my specialist that I should not work. Well, I could not walk well & had pain, lots of pain, every day, so driving was hard, & I had to let go of a good driving job before I could even start it. Anyhow, I digress. I'm just looking for a way to make my way through all this mess right now. I am on the right path towards healing & am getting stronger each day, so am grateful for that.

My RV is not just a motorhome. It's my home. The place I park my boots & hang my hat. The place I lay my head down at night & raise it each morning. (well, the rest of my body follows too because that would be weird otherwise). I've maintained this RV through the years I've owned it. I've done more than many women will do with theirs. I have to do most of the work myself. But I don't mind. I do mind those that judge me though & take the simple things of life for granted. I can't afford to take life or money for granted. Life is a gift & money is to be earned. I take pride in what I am capable of doing with my house on wheels.

So for now, the RV remains parked in a driveway, plastic still staying intact. I've called many RV places so far, one is supposed to come to take a look at it & give me a quote. Oh yes, then there was the guy that told me to trash it....that was nice huh? He kept calling it a trailer. I finally said it's not a trailer it's a motorhome & it's my home! He instantly changed his tune after that. But still ...oops, again, I digress.

I probably should not post any of this at all, but I am going to anyhow. It helps when we all have to get things like this off our chest. It helps others to learn through our situations. I've been looking at repair blogs to see what I can find & learn on taking on the task myself if needed.

And of course, if anyone has had any RV repairs done in the Houston, TX area & were happy with the results, please let me know of them as well.


This is Roper, one of those ::shudder:: dawgs!

Here is what I did over the weekend. It was nice to have the time to just sit & create. The pics aren't the best. I can take better pics of each item, which I usually do, but a friend wanted to see them, so I took a quick shot of what I had done.

These are called ladder bracelets. They are fun to make & I am hoping to make a bunch for a craft show. The two above have swarovski crystals on them. I like using glass beads, but do use other beads as well. I just love the brilliance of glass beads though. So pretty!

The detail just doesn't really show up well in these photos. The tan one with the peace beads are man sized, the others are woman sized.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. The pictures of your RV definitely do not look like it is trashy. It appears to be well-kept both outside and in as well as neat until you had the roof damage and you will get past that. RV repair people should be happy to get your money and the opportunity to do a job. I wasn't aware that money grows on trees for them in the Houston area.

  2. It's always okay to rant to your blogger friends...sometimes you just need to let it out. So sorry you have gotten some rude comments from repair people. You are doing the best you can and that's all anyone can do. Hang in there.

    Your bracelets look great. Hope you do well with them.

  3. Don't know if you are aware of this RV Service site but there are a number of places listed for Houston. Hope it helps. Be sure to post the bad service you have received.


  4. That's what blogs are for... lord knows that's what I use mine for!

    What a complete bummer, Cyn. I saw your post to the WGS group... wish I had a solution ... hah! me? with a solution... ? Hahaaa

    Can you check various ad sources to see if there might be a handyman type person who could at least help you.

    I don't see how you could do this alone but if you had someone to just help you by the hour or if reasonable... the job. At least get some estimates from this type of person... and well, then how can you trust them..

    Call Manpower! or some temp agency or the Texas unemployment commission .... or a college for someone in construction or mechanics or or ... there are some college kids that could use some money ... I'm sure.

    Surely... there is a solution and a way to fix this....

    I know, I know ... don't call me Shirley ...

  5. Thank you everyone. I do appreciate your feedback. Longdog2, I should have posted that link. Didn't think about it, so thanks. I found it on RVLy Ever After's site earlier this evening. I should have given her a shout out for it. Will have to do that in my next post. It's where I saw the bad reviews on the place I went to today that gave me such a hard time. I'll give it more of a look tomorrow as my evening got tied up with chores. Thanks again!

  6. Sounds like you are dealing with some boorish people, keep your chin up. You did get a laugh out of me when explaining your body was following you head out of bed.

  7. If this was a chain RV Repair I bet I know who they are. I has a problem with a rude repair guy and I vowed never to return there again and I haven't.
    I was going to a repair place highly recommended by friends. His prices were great but he never fixed the main problem. The dreaded toilet leak. after the third time it was time to move on. I sure hope you can find someone to fix this or at least help you get it fixed.

    BTW I sent a letter to the CEO of that company about their employee. Don't know if it helped or not since I never went back.
    Good Luck

  8. OOPPs I love the bracelets especially the one with the little butterflys. Hope you sell all your jewlery at the craft show.

  9. Thanks John, knowing that I made you laugh, made me laugh too. :-)
    JoJo, it's not a chain, but it's a pretty big RV place in Houston! Thanks for your comments & thanks for the bracelet comments too. JoJo, the buttefly one is really cute! Funny, it didn't start out to be a butterfly bracelet, but the butterflies just told me they belonged on it!

  10. TexCyn,

    I'm ashamed I haven't kept up with your blog. My bolg roll doesn't seem to be getting updated or something but somehow I have missed your posts!

    You should be proud that you are capable of doing so much of the work to your rig, it's awesome! Anybody who gives you grief about living in the MH or doing work to it yourself aren't worth knowing.

    I'm going to try and get caught up now, have a great night!


  11. Erik, not to worry. I think that blog roll only allows so many, then it doesn't update the others. I've clicked on names on the side of mine realizing I'd not seen a blog from them in awhile, only to find I was not getting updates on all of them.

  12. RV service employees are supposed to treat us with respect and do good service at reasonable prices. If they don't, we WILL talk about them.


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