Friday, February 10, 2012

I am weak, I am a sucker..I am a weak sucker

Howdy, hope all is well with everyone today!

I am sooooooo weak when it comes to kitchen stuff!! But I could not resist. I have to be careful or I can become a kitchen item hoarder! But better than other types of hoarders? At least kitchen items don't smell ;-)    Usually.

So I saw this at the Dollar General Store yesterday. I had to take it to the counter to get a price on it. They told me $15. I said never mind, I don't really need it. Then she sat it aside! WHAT! She sat it aside just because I said I don't want it!?? WHAT!? (ok, this is my crazy side a'showin') My purchase on the other items was only $3.something. Sooo, I thought to myself, oh buy the "blankin" pan & be done with it! You'll just sit there & think, oh why didn't I buy that"...I do that a lot. Talk myself out of things. Except toilet paper. I might be in trouble if I ever talk myself out of that. Really.
So I said, ok, ring up the pan, I'll take it. Then I asked what the return policy is. So long as I don't rip the package or don't lose the sales slip, it's refundable. So then I said, thanks, I need to be sure it fits my tiny RV oven. Then I felt stupid because, well, really, it's just a small bread sized baking pan! I'm pretty sure they are usually relieved when I leave the premises. 8-}

So here it is: note that the pics were taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't as good because I'm too lazy to grab the real camera, take it out of the case, shoot, then upload. Life is too short for that. Really. Trust me. But I do edit my cell phone pics too, so yes, once again, I am crazy. It's the photographer in me. The stupid perfectionist in me. Or maybe just the crazy side of me?

Sorry for the less than quality pics, but you get the general idea now. Which is better than a general's idea mayhaps?

Nothing much else going on today. Cept rain. Ugh. And more rain in the way for the next several days - boo hiss!!

I DID find an RV place that may be able to fix the RV at a reasonable rate (YAY) instead of the outrageous price of 12K!! I'm still shocked over that one....And the guy was very nice. Said he'd even meet me after hours. But I won't do that to him. I will have to wait till next Thurs or Fri to get the RV to him, but I can barely wait that long. But I must. Because of the rains. So I scheduled my therapy for Mon-Tues-Wed of next week to get it out of the way first.

I am hoping my wheels will find the pavement for a northerly route in the month of April. And I hope to get the RV repaired in the month of February!! Blasted weather anyhow.

Have a great day everyone - I think I'm going to run to the grocery store, then come back & pop in a movie. My friends want tai chicken tonight for dinner & I gets ta be da cook. I'm saving the meatloaf pan for my personal cooking use later. I try not to use my items in their house because I'm always afraid of leaving them in there & forgetting about them. And it occured to me last night that I am actually like a workcamper here! I cook, I take care of their dogs, trade for a free spot in their driveway & free electricity. I just didn't realize that till last night - maybe I'm a tad slow ;-) 

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Good luck with your meatloaf pan. I'll be waiting to hear how the meatloaf turns out. Wish you were here to cook dinner for me. With Jim still in rehab, I don't have much desire to do any cooking. So TV dinner it is.

  2. I've seen that pan on TV and if it would make meatloaf like that for me I'd buy it in a minute.

  3. So the meat loaf pan seems to be a hit with us. Can't wait to hear how it works.
    I sure hope the rain quits so you can get the RV over to that guy and get it fixed.

  4. I have seen similar pans advertised on TV. I think you got a better deal.
    So you will be heading to PA in April? I will be making my move to pA at the end of April (estimated) I'll have to keep in touch and see if our paths can cross :)
    Hoping you are able to get your RV all patched up soon. You sure have had patience with this.

  5. Hi Sandie, I hope Jim is doing well. I'd cook something for you if I were there!

    John, so are you saying that the thing doesn't make meatloaf by itself??? Uh oh...

    Thanks JoJo, I hope it stops soon too. Of course, it did stop yesterday...late in the afternoon! Grrrr, when it was too late to take it over to them.

    Sunny, this is the one on TV. The Dollar GEneral store (Walgreens & a few other stores) have an "As Seen on TV aisle", so I always check them out. Passed on the eggies though. For some reason, it doesn't appeal to me to boil eggs in plastic.

    So I can't stand it & have to use the pan tonight. I've sat out some meat to thaw ;-)

    Sunny, we WILL have to get together!! I don't think my family really lives all that far from yours? I plan on leaving in April & staying through the summer. My mom lives in Beaver Township, which borders with Clarion. They are about 80 miles north of Pittsburgh.

  6. I hope you saw that RV Service Rating site I posted last night so you can check out the place you found. Now that you realize that you are a workcamper, doesn't it feel better than just feeling like your friends charity case? You are earning your keep. And remember the workcamper experience if you decide to apply for another workcamper job. :)

  7. So did the pan fit? I've looked at those - I'm kind of a kitchen gadget freak myself. I have the small oven that can't handle much beyond cookies.

    1. Hi Gypsy, yes, the pan fits! But...I used extra lean ground beef & didn't realize it at the time. Next time, I won't make that mistake. No drippings & the meatloaf turned out dry. I too have the small oven. My cookie sheets are cheap ones from the Dollar General because they have ones that are small.


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