Saturday, February 11, 2012

Loafin' off

Welcome to Kenny & Angela of Kenny & Angela's adventure - RV Life Is Good -    They now have a 5ver & are preparing it for a fulltime adventure in the future if I'm not mistaken. I've followed their site before & thought I was a member, but found I wasn't. Funny how you can follow someone, then realize that you haven't joined, so I joined them today too!

So for a meatloaf review with the new meatloaf pan. Yes, I can literally say I was loafing around today! Well, actually, I was loafing around in two regards. Took two pain pills today & it was all I could do to stay awake for most of the day! I'd read an email, fall asleep. Read a blog, fall asleep. Took care of dogs & would fall asleep between crews. I don't like being out of it like that & I try to avoid the pills during the day time hours. Before I took the pills, I sat out some hamburger meat to thaw. Then around 5pm, I decided to turn it into meatloaf & use the new pan! So I did. The pan worked great! The meatloaf was a bit on the dry side though. I will say that it was pretty cool (well, actually hot), to lift it out of the pan with the raised thing in it. I sat that down on a plate & just slid the meatloaf onto the plate. And it did stay together! It held together quite well. But I think the meat I used must have been very lean. No grease in that pan at all, just little drippings. So the test of the pan kind of failed in a way because of the lean meat. But I think the pan will work great for less lean meats & that it is a good idea. I also made scalloped potatoes to go with the meatloaf. Yum!

So here are a few pictures: (taken by cell phone again)

As you can see, this is how dirty the pan got. No grease pit at all.
 Although it looks burned, it was a very easy clean up! The pan is teflon I think. Will have to read up on that, but I think it is.

OK, gotta go shut down now. The effects of the pills are still with me. I do not do drugs well! They stay with me for at least 24 hours & I'm fading......zzzz.zzzzzzzz.......zzzzzzzzzzzz

Nite all, sleep well

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Hmm. I haven't had meatloaf in ages. I might just have to make some soon. :)

  2. You just stirred up my appetite real good.

  3. Yummy looking meal... I love meatloaf.
    Know what you mean about the pain pills. I have been totally off mine about a week now. Once in a while have to take a nsaid.

    How much longer is your therapy for?

  4. PS Tex-Cyn, look up Franklin, Venango Co, PA on your map. My one daughter lives there and I will be near a tiny spot north of there 20 mi. Yes, we will most certainly have to meet up! My daughter would love seeing your dogs!

  5. So I've added to ya'll's menu planning this week huh? ;-)
    Sunny, email me

  6. Oh my! I'm hungry now!!! Thanks for your supportive comments about my personal historian work. I love it. And I am recognizing how important it is for people the more that I do it! Take care and have a very wonderful week. Levonne

  7. I used ground turkey last week to make a turkey loaf. It was really good. But when using lean meats try using bread dipped in milk or water and squeeze out as much as possible. It will not dry out like bread crumbs. But it all looked really good to me.


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