Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have I been?

Where have I been???

No where.

No where at all...pathetic.

I have an RV.

I live in an RV.

This RV & I need to leave this driveway!

I swear.


I don't know...

Hopefully soon.

So, what have I been up to then?  I worked on my jewerly blog yesterday, so put some photo jewelry pieces up & new tabs. As ya'll know, Thursday my van was hauled off for repairs. Good news is, that it was only some kind of transmission relay something or nuther that needed replaced, so the damages weren't that bad after all. But it would not pass inspection. They had to reset the check engine light & the sensors would not read till it was driven 30-60 miles. So I picked it up on Friday. They told me to drive it over the weekend...I was nervous about that. I did not want a ticket for driving with an expired inspection sticker. Soooo, in my fashion, what do I do?? Well, it's 10 miles from the repair shop to the RV. So I drove it home. Then on Sat, I drove it around the 2 mile block 10 times!!! Hahaha. I'm pretty sure folks thought I was nuts. Oh & did you know that turtles can RUN!! Yep, they can. On my 8th go around a  red eared slider turkle was crossing the road. I didn't want it to get hit, so I stopped the van, went to pick it up to get it across the road, it RAN!!! Ran under my van & out the other side! But I guess that's as far as it could run.So I picked it up & put it on the grass. Then a guy came walking briskly down his driveway.

Him - Can I help you?
Me - No, I'm just moving a turtle.
Him - Are you lost?
Me - I laugh, no.
Him - Well do you need help?
Me - No.
Him - Are you sure? I've seen you going around this road a few times now!
Me - Now I'm really laughing & thinking oh boy, he's gonna send me to the funny farm! So I tell him that I have to drive the van at least 30 miles to recalibrate it.
Him - Oh ok.
Me - thanks for your concern though!

One of my friends said I should have told him, I'm not lost, just confused...

So I go around 2 more times, then done. And there's a small ranch down the road that has ponies & donkeys. Even the blasted Donkeys are now looking at me going WTF??? Really, I could hear their minds. And of course, this place also had pony parties on weekends for families & their kids. So here I am looking like a predator. Circling the block 10 times. Ok, ya'll can stop laughing at me now! Or with me...cause I was laughing at myself too. But good news, the van ran great!!

A few other things to pass inspection - new windshield wipers. (which were a pia to install), a new low beam head light (which is easy to install), a new lug nut & lug nut stem (forget what it's really called), which they will install. I took van back today. They are to install the lug nut & post. And inspect the van for the inspection. I also asked for an oil change & new air filter. So she'll be good to go -- hopefully! They didn't get to fix it today, they said they were waiting for a lift to lift it onto so they can change the lug nut & post. Van is nearly as heavy as my RV! No one here wants to work on it or do oil changes on it. Probably also because it's a hi-top & doesn't fit in most garages. It's old, but it's paid for & mine. As is the RV. As am I...yes, I'm paid for too. I was way cheaper when I was born than kids are now! :-p

So maybe tomorrow, I will get my van back. A friend of mine calls it "The Green Hornet". Actually it did have a hornet's nest in it!! I had my trusty vacuum as I was vacuuming it & a hornet got sucked into the vacuum. Then the nest. Then a few more hornets. Then I wilted because I'm allergic to them, but I was brave. A brave Sucker. And the tow truck driver was happy too when I told him I saved him from them going after him too.

Here is my van parked beside my RV when I still lived in Galveston County. It snowed that day! Really! A rare snowstorm in 2008.

The van says, what the heck is this stuff?

Ellie says, what the heck is this stuff? Hello, I'm not winterized!

 Hey Zeus says, what the heck is this stuff??

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. So I take you tow the van. How well does Ellie like that since it's so heavey?

    1. Oh no, I don't tow. Ellie would puke out her transmission if I tried to tow that van. I asked my friends if I could leave the van here when I finally get to go up to Pa & they said that would be ok with them. I considered selling it at one point, but then when I come back, I'd need a daily vehicle. Cheaper to keep it then try to buy something else.

  2. Informative post today! I learned a new term - "pia" ! ;)

    1. Hahaha! There's days where that term gets used quite a bit...

  3. I just love your blog - gave me my morning chuckle and I needed that. But it sure is nice that it didn't cost you an arm and a leg especially since you're all paid for. After two surgeries this year I'm not sure how long it will take us to pay off Jim.

    1. You know Sandie, don't sweat it. Just keep enjoying life & the bills get paid when they get paid. I'm glad to have been able to put a smile on your face - I'm wishing the best for Jim & you!!

  4. So now that you've acquired a reputation as the neighborhood stalker what's next?

    1. Hmmm, not sure...I guess judging on my post after this one, it's not much different...

  5. To me, all mechanical chores are a pia!

  6. The guy probably thought you were casing the neighborhood. Then he met you and that threw him off. Hopefully there won't be any burglaries nearby in the near future; we'd hate to see you hauled in for questioning and have to explain that whole bit. At least you could point to your blog. lol

  7. Still laughing :D Great post!

  8. Haaaa.... you need to get outta there... ;)

  9. I do need to get out of here. Thanks everyone for your comments. Blogger just told me to stop doing individual replies! It would not bring up my windows anymore, so now I'm replying on one big bulk post instead.


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