Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little privacy please

Hi everyone, hope all is well today.

And Welcome to Arkansas Travelers! And to Sue of the eBay/RV life!

Arkansas Travelers have a 5th wheel which they take out when they can. They have a goal of going fulltime after retirement. I hope all works out well for ya'll - it's a great lifestyle! I am also glad that ya'll have opened your blog to public so we can all share your adventures getting there & the fun you will have in the meantime before you get there.

And Sue is a fulltimer, with her little kitty. And she drives a guppy. Well, that's the name of her Toyota Dolphin ;-) Sue collects vintage scarves & sells them on ebay. She also was selling eclectic western wear at one point. I'm sure she can dig up some for ya'll if you need that. She does wonderful mosaic artwork as well. Check out her blogs here:

Now for my privacy: (don't peek)

(You peeked didn't you)

I took down my curtains before the great rebuild.

Then washed them.

Then put them in a plastic bin for safe keeping.

Then I opened the bin.

They smelled of plastic.

Then I tortured them again.

This time more extensively.

I rewashed them.

Then I hung them. Hanged them? Clipped them up to dry. Did you know that is the real purpose of plastic pant hangers & RV showers?? Did you really think the hangers were for hanging slacks?
And that showers were really for taking a shower in? No silly. They are for washing items & hanging them in there. So stop using your showers improperly!!


The shower police will be after you.


Then I tortured them more. BUT before I could do that, my camera tortured me first! This is what it did to me when I first turned it on this morning....made my face all sads. I thought, oh no. A new camera is NOT in the budget. But I need a good camera. A good camera that WORKS! Uh oh.

Fortunately, turning the camera off & back on got it working properly again.

So I went back to curtain torture.

Actually, I think it's torture for me, not the freakin' curtains!

Then I started to rehang the curtains after the heat torture.

Well, again.

Torture for me.

Did you know that you have to become a contortionist to hang these things??


You do.

So if you've ever worked for a circus, I'd hire you.

Ok, job done. Now my Teddy Bear & little Afghan Hound Puppy can close those curtains & play till their hearts are content. Doesn't that just warm your heart??

And one of these days, I'll get new curtains made for my overhead window & the two little side windows....o-n-e  o-f   t-h-e-s-e   d-a-y-s....

Also one of these days, I'll actually have some real traveling to share instead of just RV stuff!! I probably should dig into archives of past travels so ya'll don't think I'm just stealing pics of a neighbors RV or something.

OK, gotta go. I'm going to jail...er uh...do some more chores now.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Ronda washed the privacy curtains for our rig last night. They smelled something aweful and also had/have funny spots on them. Thankfully these "spots" are pretty uniform so we'll just pretend they belong there!

    I'll blog about it when I get them back into the rig this weekend.

    Have a great night!


  2. How rude, your curtains look great by the way!

    Erik the ADD/OCD riddled guy who never stays on topic!

    1. Oh I didn't consider it rude! The first time round when I washed mine, they too had strange spots on them. So I washed again, soaked them for awhile in the washer, then rewashed. Much better. I'll bet you are anxious to get your rig back! Let this be it!! Wow. I thought I had problems....um, that's not making you feel better is it?

  3. Thanks for the lesson on how to use my shower. That falls under the things I didn't know category. The picture of the couch is showing two items that are completely foreign to me.

    1. Yes John, stop going to the laundry mat. Use that shower to wash your clothes with. You can hose them down, then drip dry!!! heehee

  4. Ha! Ive been getting a pair of curtains up at least once a week.Those mini blinds are something else!! I can't get the screwsinto the wood and my battery operated drill needs chanrged. It is out in the garage and its SNOWING out so guess who's not doing nothing with them til it warms up. I am seriously freezin' up here! Wondering what in the world I was thinkin......

    1. OK Sunny, I do NOT envy you!! SNow? SnOW? SNOW!!! Ugh. I think I'm glad I've not left yet then!!!

  5. Well aren't you clever? I could never have gotten them down, let alone back up again. Looks good. I thought my shower was a broom closet!!

  6. I had to take down the curtains my rig and I went through all kinds of changes with them. Then discovered there was an easy way or should have been.

    You did a great job they look really good.


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