Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm a dude - pass the longnecks!

OK, really, I'm not a dude but pretended to be one yesterday!

I believe that all women should be able to check these things though.

And check those tires often too!

Especially on an RV that has to carry so much weight.

I popped the hoods on 4 vehicles yesterday! I felt rather like grunting like Tim Taylor of Home Improvement.

Remember that old TV sitcom?

I think I was supposed to grunt & scratch...instead, I opened hoods, cleaned battery terminals with the spray cleaner stuff.  Cleaned that up, let it all dry, then checked battery levels.

And fluids.

Oh wait!

Now I'm a car doctor!

I did open a nice cold beer because it just seemed fitting.

The SUV is El Sicko car. I discovered when I opened the hood that her radiator fan is split & cracked in several places. I let her know about it yesterday. It's not safe to drive in my opinion. Her adjuster called me to see when he could come view it. He'll come on Monday. She flies back on Monday. He started to discuss details with me, but I cut him off & told him it's better to discuss that with the owner of the vehicle. Not me!

I need to fill the holding reservoir of the RV's coolant but didn't feel like it then. The radiator is ok, but the coolant level in the holding reservoir needs to be filled. That requires a tall stool. Why they practically hid it under the frame in a barely  inaccessible space is beyond me.

Ha, try checking the windshield washer fluids! Now that's almost impossible. I swear, it's hidden under an area that you can't see through.

It was interesting on the difference between the 3 big vans. That includes the RV as a van too.

2 Fords, 1 Dodge. The Dodge is mine. It's El Deado. It's beyond El Sicko. It needs a real El Mechanico.
Not me.

One day, I'll get it into a shop. For now, it has somehow become a storage unit. It would be embarrassing to take it in with all the stuff I have stowed inside of it! I swear, I don't know where that stuff comes from. Once you put in one single item, it reproduces like bunnies! Fortunately, so far, I've not found any bunnies in there...yet.

Speaking of critters, these are the 2 Afghan Hounds, 1 Italian Greyhound & 1 Borzoi (also known as a Russian Wolfhound) that we've been boarding & that I groom.

The Afghans really do have eyes....they are like little hippie girls. There should be flowers in their hair huh?

I'd better go when the gettin' is good here. The wifi signal goes from 3 bars to 1 bar, to no bars, all up & down like the stock market. Usually I lose.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Afghans are not a real popular breed in Montana so the first time I ever saw them was in Balboa Park in San Diego. They were the tan color with dark brown trim and were the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. They were so proud of how they looked and just pranced.

    1. I used to have them years ago. They were fun dogs, but a lot of work. They sure can be a proud breed though. :-)

  2. My congratulations on your command of Tex-Mex. Phrases like El Deado, El sicko and El mechanico show a real working knowledge of the language.

    1. Comes from living in Tejas since a teen y'know ;-)

  3. Oh have been having quite the time lately...hope you get back to the regular scheduled program soon!

    1. Thanks, it's just mostly maintenance stuff. Cept for my van, which I've let sit waaaay too long! El Sicko car isn't mine, it belongs to a friend that I took to the airport in it. She'll be picked up by lawnmower ;-) (read previous post to make sense of that one)

  4. TexCyn,

    Hopefully the El deado van isn't too costly to get going again. I have never understood why they put some things where they put them. I think some engineers never actually look under a real hood so design engine compartments the way it looks right to them.

    The people who design RV's must not use them either considering where they place things. My RV has a Ford F53 chassis, in order to add oil, power steering fluid or brake fluid you need to be double jointed. If you ever have to replace the radiator, fugettaboutit... you'll need help for sure.

    They're getting better though, finally. The new rigs are getting much easier to work on but of course who can afford one. :)


    1. Van's are always a mechanics nightmare. If I had mine hauled to my old mechanic, I'm pretty sure he'd faint! He's probably glad he hasn't had to see it in the past few years ;-)
      One time when I was traveling in it, I was having problems. I found a mechanic in TN. They stood there scratching their heads "where's the engine"? I'm thinking, oh boy, this is not a good sign. I said under the dog house! They said, "what's a dog house"...uh oh. I'm in trubbles, till one of their other mechanics comes walking around the corner & says, I know vans - whew! Can you imagine what a ClassA would do to them??? haha!


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