Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tripod, workcamping, medical junk

Howy ya'll. Er uh, howdy. Don't you sometimes love typos ;-)  Hope all is well with everyone.

I had hoped to be packed up & be leaving about now, but nope, I'm being held here longer due to medical stuff. They've submitted for more therapy for the wankle. I so want to be done with all this, but I still have to endure more therapy first. Bummer! But then, driving hurts right now too. Wonder how long it could take to get to Pa driving 60 miles a day?

Nah, ain't gonna happen. 


So because of all this, I'm now committed to more dog sitting! I don't get paid for this, it's part of the wonderful world of workcamping for a place to plug in for free. Or at least, I figured that out after taking on more responsibilities here while staying here. My friends are dog show judges, so they'll be gone for the next 3 weekends judging, some of that actually involves a week of them being gone. So I'll look after their dogs, get things wrapped up around here. If therapy doesn't get approved till a later date, then I'll have to figure something else out. I really, really need to get up to Pa & be with family for awhile! My Mom isn't getting any younger, there's nieces I've never met (babies) & family I need to reconnect with. I had hoped to stay up there for the summer & come back in early fall.

My dogs are still in their kennel, now it's heating up & I can't rely on the power here to keep the portable a/c running. If the power shuts down, so does the a/c. We have a lot of power surges here, that cause it to shut down. It does not automatically turn back on. I should have gotten one that does. live & learn. But if I were away & the power surged with the dogs in the RV, then that could be a disaster. So for the meantime, they are in the kennel & I'm out here with fans going. So far, it's not been too bad, but soon, it will get hot. I've not set up the portable a/c because I'm trying not to use any more power than necessary while here. I can't run the roof air (as I've explained in the past) due to the power it draws & the lack of that here. The fans I use are nice fans that actually push cooler air through them. One is a tower fan, the other one is a floor fan, but both use the same kind of system that blows cooler air instead of just blowing hot air. Actually, it's the humidity here that gets ya! I have remote controls for both fans (talk about spoiled huh?) Yep, remote controls for fans I can't be bothered to get up & change when I can actually reach one of them from the sofa. Ha! And I discovered a little while ago that although they are different fans, the remotes work on both! I picked up the Holmes remote for the Holmes fan & used it on the Aloha Breeze fan & it worked. Didn't do that on purpose, but found out that those remotes work on either fan, so that's good. I could probably put one of the remotes away.

In my TV cabinet, I have a small contractors type of tool belt. I got it at the 99cent store. (there we go with the actual cost $1.00 thing again). It has pockets for different tools, works great for putting all the remote controls in that aren't being used! I take the batteries out of them & store them in the TV cabinet in that pouch. I like to keep all my remotes that aren't being used there. That way when I do need them, I know where they are. Beside my sofa, I have another pouch type of thing that I keep the remotes, DVD's & such in that are in easy reach.

I bought this the other day. I realized I could not video tape the redoing of the windows without a tripod. I have a regular sized tripod, but it doens't work as a table top type. I've been needing a table top tripod for awhile now. So I picked one up at WalMart the other day. It's not heavy duty. It could hold my big camera on the table position, but not with the legs extended. My camera would be too heavy for it. However, it works well for the small point & shoot camera, so I got it for that camera. I can use the bigger tripod for my bigger camera instead. The small tripod can be easily put in a back pack along with both cameras for hiking & such. I use my big camera for good quality shots & the point & shoot for it's video functions.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. 60 miles a day sounds doable to me. :)

  2. wow... yer ol wankle! nice tripod! I suppose your dogs and their dogs are big pals? hope so... ;)

  3. Carolyn, my guys are in a seperate part of the kennel. We don't mix them together with theirs. It would not be pretty! I hope you are having a great time!

  4. Sorry to hear about this next delay. But you need that wankle better for your life style. But you can always adjust.

    I just hope you can be on your way shortly.

  5. Haha Judy. Well it has turned cold up there again, so yes, 60 miles a day & a layover in Tn or somewhere where it's still tolerable would have to do!
    Thanks JoJo.


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