Friday, April 6, 2012

Shells of a different kind

One shell bites, the other just rips off.

One is easier to fix than the other though.

If one falls off, nothing really dies (although you think you just may have!).

The other, if it falls off or even cracks, it dies.

One snaps.

One bites.

One eats, pees & poos.

The other one just eats people & well, ok, it kinda pees & poos too.

One you don't want to embrace.

The other you do  - especially in a storm!

From ya'll - "OK enough already, what in the Sam Hell are you talking about"? (And who is Sam Hell?)

Ok, here is what I'm talking about:

This shell

VS this shell:

This is the final finish on this shell. It's done now. They cleaned up the edging too, which I'm glad they did! This is the passenger side. I spoke of this the other day, but was asked for pics. I finally got them uploaded to share.

Drivers side. All properly lined up now. Thank goodness. Note the lack of decals on the passenger side. I'm planning on stripping all the striping off the RV eventually anyhow. There's just not much attraction for me on faded, cracked decals. So I will remove them. I will probably save that project if I ever make it up to Pa this summer. It will be much cooler weather wise for a project like that up there than down here in Texas.

Front all done now. Window was taken out, glass removed, the entire thing resealed & reseated. All clearance lights were taken off & properly sealed under them, then caulked around them. We've only had one rain storm since. It only lasted about 10 mins, but so far, so good. It didn't leak then.

~~OK, so enough about that shell. Back to the snapping shell!~~

This thing was smack on the other side of the dog yard. With it's head buried into the bottom rail on the fence. The dogs were going insane. I thought it was the neighbors dog barking as he likes to come over & have a bark-a-thon with my friend's dogs. Then my friend told me there was a snapping turtle hanging out on the fence. (?!?)  He didn't think much of it. They can bite & hold & rip & tear skin & break toes & eat your house & pee on your roof & ...ok, just checking to see if you are still paying attention.

So me being the responsible kinda soul I am, I go about removing & relocating the snapper. Last year, I bought one of those BIG Pooper Scoopers. But I've never used it. It's jumbo sized. It's the perfect size for a jumbo sized turtle. Especially if that turtle bites. So I take the scoop part, roll the turtle over, then scoop it onto the shovel part of the scooper. Or something like that. Then I drag it, or rather give it a ride away from the dogs. It's pissed. It's on it's back. It's helpless. But the dogs are now safe, the roof is safe, the house is safe (just checking again). BUT WAIT! I can't do this deed without a camera! So I have to go grab both cameras. One that does video & one that does pictures. Poor turtle. Laying there, belly up. Nothing to hide it's "southern side". No wonder it's pissed...well, it did do that too while I was giving it a ride to the back pasture. Where there are no horses. Just birds & snakes. And crickets. And fire ants. And bugs.

So I took it back to the pasture, took pics of it, took video of it. Let it eat a stick. Let it eat the scooper. But I didn't let it eat me. At least I didn't have to run away from it. I could have crawled away from it if I wanted to! But I didn't want to.

I will eat your blasted scooper! Never do that to me again! I am going to be laughed at by the entire turkle community! You mean person you. Just wait, I will be sleeping under your bed tonight! Yep. I am. So there. What? You have video? Ok, that does it. I am sleeping UNDER YOUR SHEETS!!

~As always, be kind to your pets (& turkles), clean up after them on your travels (not necessary for the turkles) & respect your neighbor (& turkles)~


  1. I sure hope your moterhome shell problems are behind you, but now that you've irritated Mr. Snapper I think you're in trouble. I expect he will be busy tonight eating your roof.

    1. Noooo, not the roof!! I just redid it a few weeks ago. Please say it ain't so!

  2. So funny!! But did you also get a good look at those claws???? Those scare me as much as his mouth!

    1. I'm afraid the mouth would contact you before the claws would. I found the feet a little interesting actually. They seem to have little tiny foot pads on the backs of their feet. Ok, I'm a little strange huh?

  3. Sometimes I feel just like that Turtle, on my back, just kicking and screaming, no body listening!
    They say those snapping turtles will hold on until it thunders~


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