Wednesday, April 4, 2012

North Texas Tornadoes -- Japanese Campers

My heart goes out to those in North Texas. My thoughts, prayers & best wishes are with ya'll...

18 tornadoes.

Semi truck trailers tossed in the air like toys.

100's of homes destroyed.

So far, no casualties found! Wow.

They think a lot of lives were spared because many people were at work while the storms struck.
I've been stuck to the news on TV this morning.
Here is a video of trucks being tossed into the air like toys...or rather like leaves in a breeze.

 Amazing! Wow.

*Video is from a youtube account*

On a lighter note, this came across my youtube account. Nice, clean, simplistic. Japanese campers:

Again, I'm hoping for the best for everyone that were effected by the North Texas Tornadoes yesterday.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Those storms were incredible and they are headed east so I hope everybody out there is safe. I really don't like tornado warnings but that's what we get during the spring and summer and it really doesn't seem to matter any more where you are at. You always need to be prepared.

  2. TexCyn, I don't think I'm ready to full-time in one of those yet.

    1. Me neither. They don't work well for hoarders ;-)

  3. I like the idea of using he mess "hamocks" from the ceiling. have a couple of them that were for toys, but never knew what I would do with them. They may find themselves attached to the ceiling of our RV closet! A place for socks?

    1. Oh Merikay, what a good idea! I'd have to grab my stool though...

  4. Unbelievable. I believe it, but still. Texas is catching no breaks this year.

  5. Was sure sorry to read about all the devastation in Texas. Ummm, think I'll pass on the mini- campers!!

  6. I hadn't heard about the tornados as I haven't had the tv on or a radio all day.

    Love the RV Show. I would love to have one of those little guy.

  7. Those tornadoes were pretty bad. They sure took a lot of folks homes. One lady had her small daughter & 2 twin girls, they were toddlers, in a bathtub in her home. All that was left standing were the walls of the tub. Amazing that they survived. I'm sure she'll need some therapy after all that. I know I would.


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