Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm 64...6'4"...64"...confused & blonde

Heehee, ok, not really confused.

But yes, blonde.

And not 64 years old.

And not 6'4".

But I AM 64 inches tall!!


I got a copy of all my doctors files the other day as I had an appointment yesterday from a 2nd opinion doctor that the Gov assigned for me to go for a visit. So when scanning, I saw that I was 64. I thought what?? Well it turned out to be my height by inches. Whew! I wondered when I became Rumplestiltskin & fell asleep for a few years...

And at least I'm not 64 inches wide.


At least I don't have a beard.


I hope I never grow one actually.

Or become 64" wide.

Or 64" round.

None of the above would look good on me.

Really. Not.

So as it turns out, 2nd opinion doctor seems to think I'm doing pretty good. Till he examined me. Then his assessment turns towards not as good as he thought. I'm stronger than he thought. But why wouldn't I be? I'm a country girl. Country raised & corn fed. Strong sorta kid that never ate junk food as a kid. They don't put McDonald's in corn fields, so no fast food places around. Too bad because they'd of made a killing off us kids. Well that is, if they sold burgers for a quarter back then ;-) 
That made me think of my Mom sending us to the store as an occasional treat with a quarter. We got to buy ourselves a soft drink & a cupcake! YUM! That was always a great treat & a nice surprise when it would happen. (cupcakes are not junk food - yum)

OK, back to reality.

Now I want a cupcake.

So as the doc is going along with his evaulation, can't understand why I still have pain. He picks up my MRI films. INSTANTLY, he sees ligament damage!! So that's my problem. So he has requested more paperwork from the clinic & we'll go from there.

So this means that I must remain here longer :-(((  So no trip to Pa yet. But honestly, I drove over 130 miles yesterday & am still paying for that one. So no, I'm not healed yet & have a ways to go still. Bummer.

But in the bigger picture of things, life could be a whole lot worse! I've survived through a lot, so a foot problem is small compared to the big picture. Especially when others have really serious health issues.

I found these pics this morning.

One is of Ellie right after we bought her. Year, 2006. She was 10 years old then. Not 64. Her side window displays an orange sold sign! I was sooo happy! She had her issues, but at that time, I wasn't aware of them. I was just happy. She's been a big learning experience on how to care for & maintain your RV.  It's all been valuable experiences though. And she saved us after Hurricane Ike. Year, 2008. So I'll always be grateful for that. Ike ripped a hole in the roof, thus flooding all ceilings & insulation. I could barely enter that house, let alone live in it. It also destroyed the master bedroom. It ripped a big hole in the ceiling.  And a few other things destroyed. Like all bedroom furniture. So I lived in this valuable RV for a year before I left that place. I won't go into the details of all that. It's one my lifes black moments that I don't really care to revisit. But the purpose of buying Ellie was for hurricane evacuations (thank goodness) & for dog shows. Another fun thing that I've not been able to partake of much in the past few years. But I will be back!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Hopefully the damage isn't too serious. I married a country girl, they are tough let me tell you!


    1. Thanks Erik. Yes, we are strong! But sometimes, the hard headed part doesn't know when to quit...

  2. Sorry to hear about the ligament damage. Hope they can get you all fixed up and pain free. Interesting story about Hurricane Ike.

    1. Thanks Donna. I hope you get your big problem resolved with the Fit. :-(

  3. TexCyn, being a 'tough' country girl should help you bounce back from the ligament damage, just keep on fighting. Having read your blog for awhile I knew you were tough the way you keep pushing through you setbacks with a sense of humor proves it.

    1. John, I think part of my drive comes from my Mom always telling us "God helps those that help themselves" when I was a kid. It taught us all that we had to do for ourselves first. But downside is, it also made me afraid to ask for help when I really need it.
      And my pain level is pretty high. I broke a bone once & didn't even know it. Went to the doc two weeks later because of the swelling & he told me I broke a bone! But it was already in the process of healing. Did that with a shopping cart that smacked into me when it was fully loaded.

  4. I am 64 yrs old (for a little longer)
    I used to almost be 64" (been shrinking a little)
    I was blonde (now I'm mostly silver)
    I don't have a beard, and don't ever plan to be 64" wide! :)

    1. Hahaha Judy!! Glad to see that you are feeling better!

  5. So sorry to hear about the ligament damage. Sure hope the doctors can get you all fixed up quickly!! Take care of yourself!!

  6. From one country girl to another, hang in there you will get through this. It sounds like the docs may be on the way to finding the problem and thus possibly a solution. I hope all goes well with your medical challenges. Take care...

  7. At least now they know why there's so much pain and hopefully can do something for it. I know all about this having to hang around stuff when you'd rather be out RVing. But it will happen for both of us eventually. I wasn't born on a farm but I sure came from farming country. But since I was a "city" girl I can be such a wuss some times.

  8. Hey Girl..I remember when McDonalds hamburgers were five for a dollar! That was our big treat on Friday nights! Hopefully, it was acutally hamburger back then....you couldn't pay me to eat one of those now. A blogger friend is doing an experiment....she has had a McD hamb on her counter now for 3 months...it hasn't changed one bit! Ha!

  9. You keep that positive attitude and you will be on your to Pa soon enough. At least now they know what the problem is. Hope they get you fixed good now.


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