Saturday, April 14, 2012

Winds & strands

Welcome to Jim & Rosie!!
They are being plunged into fulltiming into their Fiver a little sooner than they had planned. They were preparing their house for sale & going into the full time lifestyle. Looks like things are moving very quickly for them as their 5th wheel is also having some work done on it. So note to yourselves, if you have a house for sale & want to sell it quickly, get your RV's worked on -- when it's most inconvienient to do so!! Good luck to ya'll. I'll be following along.

It's been a really windy day here. Windows open, windows closed. Wait, open those windows, it's getting stuffy in here. Wait, close the windows, it's too windy in here. That was pretty much my day ;-)

I had a down type of day today. Just did a little bit of crocheting & spent lots of time on the computer, just wasting time for a change. Tomorrow, I'll be shoulder deep in paper work. Shredding, scanning, etc.
All the stuff that is much easier to put off then to address.

Here are some pics of my great resale shop finds! My friend has an ebay business, so I get dragged along to resale shops from time to time. But sometimes I find things too! I found this basket & stuffed it with yarns. I think the entire thing cost me around $8. Not a bad deal! The little green thing, I bought a few years back at our little local grocery store in Galveston County. For a buck. It folds up when I'm not using it. It comes in handy when I'm working on a yarn project as I can stuff the project in there & set it aside.

When I leave, I'll put the bigger basket into storage with other items that won't be traveling with me. It only cost me 50 cents! But I think it's cute & makes a cute yarn basket, so want to keep it for now.

I need to go find the url of someone that suggested how to maintain yarn in your RV. It was a great suggestion as the space bags tend to open back up when they are not supposed to!
I need to space bag some blankets too. If anyone knows of any kind of bags like them that work better, please let me know. Blankets are harder to stuff than yarn is.

OH, I found it! Yay! I can't believe I found it ;-)
Thank you Karen for the great idea.
Here is her blog if you'd like to read what I'm talking about for storage ideas that resolved her space bag issue.

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm stealing her husband to work on my RV! Shhhh, don't tell her....

So it's been a ho hum day. I can't complain. We all need these kind of days from time to time!
Plus my foot could use the down time today too. It told me so. It talks. Sometimes I even listen to it.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. Four days to go before moving into the fiver. So exciting.

  2. Now that is a great idea, I might try that on the way home in Oct. I already loaded all the yarn into the car in a black lawn and leaf bag. Yes I know its crazy but I will use it all this summer.
    Yes the wankle talks just like my knee. But we will get better won't we.


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