Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wild Things

You don't have to travel to find amazing things. 

My friends live on 3 acres here. 

The other day, I decided to take the camera to the back pasture to see what I could shoot. 

Found some amazing wildflowers! 

A field of Primrose:

Stunning Prickly Poppy:

Wild Blackberries:

Virginia Creeper:

Now for the birds! While I had the camera in hand today, I noticed a batch of something fall from the sky. It was bedding for a birds nest. THEN I saw a big bird fight ensue! At first, I thought two cardinals were having a marital spat. It wasn't until I uploaded the photos, what the REAL issue was! 
Check out the photos below:

Pity that the camera could not catch the high speed of this shot -- it would have been an amazing shot had it been able to do that! But I still love the colors & subject of the above photo. 

In the meantime.....
...........................ihop the cat was a bit peeved that he wasn't invited to join in on the bird fight!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Love the flowers. Funny how so many wild flowers can be so beautiful when not planted by someone. That bird fight was colorful for sure. It that cat had been there earlier I think they would both have been flying the other direction. You are right sometimes great photos are right in our back yards.

  2. The prickly poppy was a lovely surprise! I don't believe I've ever noticed it before. I walked over to it, thought, wow, that's really pretty. Took the pics, then googled it to see what it was. Although bluebirds are pretty, man are they mean to other birds! Poor ihop, he's been stalking birds for days. But then, the ones he's been stalking have been poor innocent ones, but they can fly off faster than he can get them. Fortunately! He belongs to my friends. I have cats, but they never go outside.

  3. My husband and I used to spend hours sitting on the back deck, drinking coffee and watching the wildlife or looking at the garden. We only traveled a few weeks a year, the rest of our free time was out in the yard. I love your photos of the white flowers.

    1. Hi Teri, I'm glad you are having a fond memory like that. I'm sure you have many, many pleasant memories. Thanks on the flowers.

  4. Your flower pics were great to see. I wish birds would sit still when I'm trying to take a photo of them!!

  5. Nice find! Love the flowers.....the wild blackberry pictures are got all stages!


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