Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oopseys - generator doesn't like electricity

OOpseys, yesterday, while I was preparing Ellie for a trip to the big RV toitey, I ALMOST made a colossal mistake!!

I had just a little over 1/4 a tank of gas. 

I thought I'd better exercise the generator before I left. 

Easy enough to do while I put things away - I'll run the a/c too while I'm at it so the genny will get a load to run on. 


And oops! 

My little RV doesn't have an over ride system to protect if if I stupidly turn on the generator without unplugging from shore power first! 


For the first time since I've owned this rig in '06, I made the mistake of hitting the inside button to crank on the genny before I unplugged!

Oh, my sensor didn't like that either. It screamed out in pain! 

Yikes! I let go of the button the very millisecond I realized what I had done! 

Fortunately, the genny didn't start, but it did try. 

I went out & unplugged. 

Came back in, hmmmm, now the genny hates me. It doesn't want to start now. 

First thought, oh, I must have also ticked off the coach battery. 

Sure enough, I did. 

So I started the engine to give the coach battery some juice & then the genny started right up! 

Man do I feel lucky that I didn't trash my electrical system! 


I feel lucky, but of course, there's no lottery yesterday to play on ;-) 

~ As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Good thing you caught it in time!

  2. Most rigs with genny's have the saftey switch, I'm shocked yours doesn't but the cost to ad it shouldn't be too bad. You should also note that most every rig with a genny has a cut off at 1/4 of a tank of gas, the genny won't get fuel. ;)

    Thank goodness nothing broke!


    1. Hi Erik, yes, I know about the 1/4 gas thing. All my dog shows are boon docking, so require the use of the generator. I try to keep a full tank when doing that. I was told my rig didn't have the cut off switch and I'd trash my electrical when I bought it. I guess 1 time in 6.5 years, I was bound to do that huh?

  3. Whew, that is good you didn't do any damage to require her to be in the shop again. We all do things that we kick ourselves for later, we sure do.
    Hope things go well for you in the days to come.

  4. It's amazing that we do things for years we know how to do these things. And one day it's like you have no clue. And do something really bad. So happy it was OK.

  5. Whew! Glad you didn't fry the electrical system! Thanks for all the comments on my blog! :)


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