Friday, April 12, 2013

Have we been dupped?

I added this to my blog post of the other day relating to the fellow RVer that needed help, please follow the link to read about it.


  1. Cyndi, go read the link I sent. I don't know what to think. I guess we've all made mistakes along the way..but he bought land in the past, than asked those that read his blog to help him pay for it..

  2. Wow. I read his land post. He does good job of poor mouthing and begging. Coupled with bragging about bank accounts, scam artist comes to mind. Americans are a generous people who are also easily duped. All anyone has to do is come up with a sob story. Hard to write and hates to beg? Not really. Yes, he should dip into his own bank account to solve his problem. I would. People like that make it harder for people who really are in need.

  3. We Americans really are soft hearted and giving....sometimes to a fault. I remember seeing on tv video of a single mom heating her apartment with only the top burners of her cooking stove....winter in Chicago. I felt so bad I sent $125.00 to the pastor that was asking for money.

    I later heard on the news he used the donation money for prostitutes and fancy trips etc.

    I hesitated about making my post; but, I have had an uncomfortable feeling about that man for a long time and it bothered me to think another RVers on a tight budget would send him money. I usually go to Texas during the winter months so I like to read Texas bloggers to see how things are going where they are.

    Just my dog and me in an older (1989) motorhome. Couldn't afford to go this winter so I am home in my house in MN. It has been a never ending winter.....snowed in again this week. Boo hop.

    Cyn Thank you for posting the update and also the e mail. I hope the surgery is a success !!!!

    ps...the man has also posted a picture taken (he said) inside his house in Houston of his girlfriend and I think a boy who was relative. He said he goes to his house in between jobs.


  4. I wasn't dupped because ?i didn't donate anything. I feel ad for people who loose everything, but I have also paid thru the nose for insurance over and over. Maybe his last effort to raise oney was sucessful, so he is doing it again. Sorry about the missing letters. I'm on the ipad and I can't go ack to fix things. It just freezes up the comment if I do.

  5. It happens all the time! But I give you credit for posting about it again. I ONLY give money voluntarily when I see the people in need ...usually never when anyone is asking for money. It give me much joy to see a couple with several kids in the parking lot...just knowing they are having a hard time but still trying...I fill up their gas tank or something like that...usally in memory of my dad.

  6. The minute someone starts asking for help in the way of donations I am done. There are just to many people scamming out there.
    We must all be careful.

  7. What scumbag......he has a link that he get's money from Amazon for people buying thru his link, and he also gets paid to be a Gate Guard?
    I guess we can call him the "Flim Flam Man" remember the old George C. Scott movie?

  8. Jo
    There are several blogs that I read that do just about the same thing ask for donations to support their blogs and sell worthless guides and you name it.

    Sort of like an Old man (he looked old enough to be my Father!) I would see when I went to a Doctors Office on a well traveled road here in San Diego. One day I went to get a new prescription I saw a lady in a Cadillac stop and give him a soft drink and a bag from McDonalds(no problem there was one about 3 blocks down the road) a couple of days later I had an appointment @8am I saw this same guy getting out of the same Cadillac at a gas station a block away. When I left the Dr. office he was there with his sign Homeless WWII veteran needs help. A week later someone called the local TV station and they filmed him
    and no it wasn't me but I wish I had. when the tV report walked up and wanted to talk to him he walked off go figure.

  9. Cyn, I don't know. I don't see him begging for $$$ in either of his blog posts. Asking for help? Yes. Begging? No. At any rate, I've been reading his blog for a few years. He offers all kinds of advice and guidance for full timing and gate guarding. He did say his bank accounts were healthy, at one point. That was before Miss Kathy split. Going from a double income to a single income could be quite a hit. PLUS, gate guarding requires 2 people in most cases. Is he out of a job now, too?

    As someone stated, a lot of people have "donate" buttons on their blogs and that turns me off. But I just don't think we have enough information to call Andy a scammer. That's pretty harsh.

    I have full coverage on my 26 foot, 1988 Jayco Class C. If it were totalled, I MIGHT get $4000.00. Not enough to replace it, for sure. Especially with all the mods and work I've done on it.

    Oh, and Andy owns that gate guarding forum, which costs some money to host, too. I don't know anyone that runs a forum that is actually making money.

    1. Any comments of begging & such aren't mine. I was questioning it all because I just didn't feel it was right on anyone asking for money to help buy some land. I also never called him a scammer, again, I was questioning it all.
      I made a comment, perhaps it was on his page, about how if I'd lose my RV, it would be hard to replace because of depreciation value. Not sure if that was there or on my blog page where I put it up that he could use some help.
      He doesn't mention anything about losing his job. She left him awhile back, so it appears he's still working. I know of another RVer that does solo gate guarding. I don't read any gate guarding lists, so I can't really reference on anything about that.

  10. It's always a hard call to help someone. There are beggars on the street that appear to need help, but could be scammers. I say each person has to do what they feel is right for them. Help or don't help. No guilt.

  11. I also realize that you can have everything & lose it all suddenly. So I can't really judge this guy, I do hope the best for him. I guess it just irked me when I saw the post of him buying land, then asking for donations for that. That, I'd not contribute to, but in time of real need, then it becomes a different issue. Each person has to do what they are comfortable with....And I should not post at 1am because I misspelled duped! I was going to fix it later, but really didn't want to draw even more attention to all this....

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