Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have we been dupped? Was: A fellow RVer could use some help

 I sent out this post the other day...although I feel bad that someone has lost their RV, I kind of think that his RV can be repaired....have we been duped?

I went back into his blog & found this:

Here's the post I found where he was asking for money in the past:
Not sure that link will work, it's from Oct 19, 2010
I'm sorry, but if someone has bought property, then asks for contributions to help pay for it, that's just plain wrong. 
I'm not a follower of his blog, so really did not know anything about him. 
Below was my original blog post:  

As many of ya'll probably know by now, Andy & Kathy of  MyOldRV.com could use some help. 

Their motorhome was destroyed on Easter due to a devastating hail storm. As was their suburban. They are fulltimers.

Please check out their webpage & either make a donation or just give them some moral support. 

I'm paying this forward in my blog -- you may want to do that as well to draw more attention towards helping them. 

As ya'll know, I've had my own damages & repairs along the way with my little RV. You know my current health situation & that I can't work right now. So the best I could do was just mention them on my blog & loan them some moral support.

It all counts. 

Thank you.


  1. I think it only fair to add that many times he has mentioned what good money they were making and how healthy their bank accounts were.

    Comp/collasion insurance is cheap on an older RV and it would have given him replacement value on a toltal loss. Many used motorhomes for cheap. He should be able to take some of his savings account and buy a used motorhome.

    ps they are no longer together. They split up and she is living on a Nudist Ranch. She has her car with her.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Andrea.

      In my case, I know if my RV got totalled, I'd not get nearly any kind of replacement value for what I could get for a replacement. They depreciate soooo quickly. For what I'd get back, it would put me out there buying something much older than what I currently own. :-(

      But thanks for the info on this. I don't know them, just saw that someone was in need & told them I'd put it on my blog as well. I've never read their blog before.

  2. I hope I wasn't "GOT" as I felt the need to help him out.

    1. It's humanity. We all want to pitch in & help others in times of need. If he doesn't use the funds wisely, he'll have to live with the effects of it all....but I know you'd help anyone in need, which is still an admirable trait :-)

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  3. Well, we probably wasted some money too. oops.

  4. Sorry if this sounds selfish, but we're not exactly independently wealthy and did not contribute in a monetary fashion. I try to help out in other ways by donating to food pantries, volunteer work, giving someone furniture that we no longer need (right now trying to find a new home for 2 of our dining chairs) and things like that. It's been my personal policy not to give money to independent sources (even loaning money to friends) but rather donate - if I had the funds to spare - to an established foundation (American Cancer Society, PBS, animal shelters, etc.). Our RV is newer than said blogger's, and we carry replacement on it and our belongings. Since that's all we have in the world re: material items, you better believe it's insured in case of loss. Giving money to individuals/friends? Nope, just don't do it. Hope the blogger finds comfortable and safe shelter.

  5. I don't think "duped" really applies, even if a person finds his appeal unappealing. I

    didn't realize he had asked for money to buy his property, but he was pretty up-front about what he wanted that money for. A body could say "hey, good cause" or "WTH, I'd like to buy property, too, Buddy!" but, in either case it's out there as it is. Just a matter of whether you admire, are indifferent to, or despise his audacity.

    What I said on Facebook (and maybe should have said on the blog) is "Do your due diligence." If I understand the situation as fully as possible, want to help and can, that's what I should do. Don't want to? Can't? That's all cool, too.

    I don't think generosity of spirit is ever wasted. If you help a person who you think needs helping, both of you are enriched. Hopefully no one gave what they needed for today, and hopefully Andy has what he needs today, too.

  6. It didn't feel good to me so I didn't contribute which also didn't feel good. Lose-lose. I will help family and close friends but not strangers. I'd rather give to real charities and let them take care of the strangers. Sometimes friends of the injured will ask for help on their behalf without knowing enough details. Sometimes the injured don't want the type of help being solicited on their behalf. So, I have a policy of don't go there. But, it never feels good to not help.

  7. I'm not sure what to say really, if what he said is true, that water was running down the isle in the center of the rig there is damage in the roof to the floors that patching and drying out won't fix.

    These RV's are put together with strand board (MDF), better than particle board but not by much. If soaked through it can dry out but the damage is done, structure is affected.

    I try to take a person at their word, I gave money as well and I do hope his intentions are true. I believe in karma, if he just uses the money to fix his current rig then in the end he will have to live with that.



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