Friday, April 19, 2013

I want my Mommy!

It's 2am. I just had a tornado dream! I want my Mommy!!

It's turned very windy outside & my antenna was rocking. I thought a big rat was eating my RV! I want my Mommy!! I had to roll down my antenna.

My dream was very weird...dogs, one of my brothers, a little girl I didn't know had latched onto me (kids do that with me), tornado rolled through. It was two small white clouds that turned sideways & started to spin like a circular saw. I went to grab my video camera, then realized it was a tornado formation. (Did I mention it was a sunny blue sky with only those two tiny clouds?). I ran inside of my RV, which had somehow became a big tent that we shared with other people & I told her to lay down, then I put myself on top of her to save her. Tornado didn't rip through though & the people in the tent wanted to know who we were....I want my Mommy!

Stop laughing. I ended up climbing into my bed with my electric blanket. Sleeping on that rock hard sofa is for the birds. And yes, electric blanket. What month is this again?? What state is this again?? Pennsylvania is warmer than us right now! & my Mommy is there....

Has anyone seen my Mommy???

TexCyn Sent from my Sprint phone ---
go figure, the 2 good sleeps I've had since I was sick.
First one, one of my dogs woke me. s
Second one, this stupid dream aand my stupid rocking antenna woke me...

Nitey nite...gonna try again...


  1. Must have been the night for weird dreams.....I had one too!

    I'm with you on the chill in the air...we are in Tucson and our heat came on last night! Go figure that?

    Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. I hate nights when I have weird dreams. Sooo not restful. I have our heat on this morning but starting tomorrow we're headed for the 90's for the foreseeable future. Did you call your Mommy? I would have, if I still could.

  3. I told you to get better, nightmares is not part of the cure.

  4. I think you may need some graham crackers and milk before bed...or maybe just some warm milk!!

  5. Probably the side effects of the antibiotics you're on. If it were me, I think I wouldn't mess with that tooth any longer, but go have it pulled. Going to an emergency room also doesn't make sense because all they can do is treat the symptoms which is what you're doing now. If the molar is in the back, you won't even miss it and neither can anyone see that it's not there. I'm speaking from experience and believe me, I felt a WHOLE lot better after I had mine pulled.

  6. I hate dreams like that, and I have them all the time. I think it is from medication I take. You wake up feeling so weird.


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