Monday, April 29, 2013

A cabinet a day & a missing cat poster

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I need to purge items in this little Motorhome. 

I have too much stuff junk.

So I figured that even if I went at a snails pace of a cabinet a day, I'd get it done! 

So today, I attacked my pantry. I had to. I bought some new food & didn't have any place for it!

It appeared my food pantry grew other items. 

A microwave steamer pot thingy. 

Plastic utensils in different containers. 


A soup cup that I love to use, but it's the best place to store it. And a drink container that I can take with me where bottles aren't allowed. That's for future hiking. 

And other miscellaneous non food items that just seemed to have grown out of nowhere in there! 

And some outdated food as well. 

So I purged! Now everything is cleared out, fresh food in it's place. The other items fit nicely in their spots now too. 

Tomorrow, it's either the medicine cabinet in the bathroom + the sink cabinet. Not sure because that equals to TWO cabinets! But it's pretty bad when you open a door & quickly shove stuff junk  back so it doesn't fall out due to it all being overcrowded.

Then perhaps Wednesday, under the kitchen sink. I think I dread that one the most. I have no idea what lives under there anymore. It might be scary! 

So anyhow, that's the TexCyn life this week. Exciting huh??? OK, one of these days, we WILL leave the driveway...sometime in the future. Hopefully before I hit retirement age. Or before Ellie hits retirement age! She just may fall apart by sitting in this driveway for too long! Well, she kinda does, I just keep putting her back together again. Ahhh, the life of living in an RV! 

There's a storm approaching. Not sure if it's going to swing around us or hit us. But those black clouds out there are suggesting they'd like to pee on it's booming. I'd better hit publish & shut down.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I have and annual spring cleaning. Everything is removed from every cabinet, drawer and compartment. If it hasn't been used in the last year I donate it to the trash man or the park auction. I still manage to accumulate more than I use.

    1. I do have some things to give away at this point. I don't think I could do this the way you do, but I'm in awe!

  2. How can we not collect stuff? But I do try to keep things somewhat organized. Usually something goes out if something comes in!

  3. Hey, I've been doing a bit of that lately, too. Must be spring cleaning or spring purging?? Feels good to lighten the load in the rig, doesn't it? Stay safe out there this evening, okay?

  4. had on the heat for a couple or three days and NOW it's back to air conditioning .... it would drive me insane if I weren't so mentally strong...


    I've been throwing away stuff that's two to three years expired!!! that does drive me insane... use up all my mental powers on Joe and the weather ... HAHaaaaaaa


  5. There are lots of little cabinets in this trailer but they aren't big enough to hold much. I guess that's a good thing.

  6. We just unloaded most of my RV into our living room and kitchen in the apartment. Can't believe how much stuff was in that Class B van! Going to take days (weeks?) to sort and clean and repack. Yup, it's Spring!

  7. Send me your email and I'd be glad to mail you a tripod. They last forever!


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