Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mattress protector wrestling day

Since the Burro hadn't shown up yet, I HIGHLY suspect Linda did NOT go shopping for me! Humpf! So I went myself.

A list friend Linda is...oh never mind. Just let it be said she did not shop for me...

Now, I think the big bad grocery store put out extra groceries today, just to test my nausea levels. They are mean. Very, very mean. So I bought soups, veggies, bread & milk.

And a torture device.

A vinyl zippered mattress protector. For my memory foam pad. Did you know those things are actually dumb? I talked to the mattress pad & told it to put it' on. It could not remember how.

So I had to do it. And it hurt. There are times when sleeping in a chubby hole under your roof has it's inconveniences. That thing is heavy! And as big as an elephant.

Really. It's true.

But sleeping on an elephant would probably be rougher.

So after a wrestling match, that was nearly too much of a match for me (sure am glad my video camera is in it's bag), I won the contest. My reward will be in that of sleeping in a nice clean bed tonight....


I live....

I still have to put the sheets on the bed. And the oversized comforter (which I wish someone would sew shorter for me -- hint hint), which is still in the dryer.

In the house.

Which means I have to carry it to my RV! (& yes, a motor home is an RV too -- someone recently told me they aren't???)

Why do I use a mattress protector? In case of a leak. If I forget to close a window or top vent, (which I've done believe it or not. I know, VERY hard to believe!), then the pad would get destroyed.

And I do not want to wrestle with a new one. Ever try to unbox one of those things? They GROW right before your very own eyes! They are related to those blow up boats you see in movies & such.

Ever try to return one to the store?? Ha! Again, glad no video cameras were rolling back then either....they don't shrink back up. In spite of my best efforts.

So now on my much dirty floor, lies the remains of the shredded old mattress protector. It's lived it's life.

It too gave me a struggle. It did not go down easily...

Say goodbye. (Hey, I heard that smart remark [yes TexCyn, say goodbye. Stop wasting our time] )

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  1. I hear ya, even though we don't have an overhang. What we do have is a king-size mattress in our 5er. Came that way and, I imagine when it's done we may go with a queen instead. Boy, that thing is tough to change sheets on! I use words that would (probably) make my mom blush. Well done for being the victor in your wrestling match. Your reward is a comfy, clean, dreamy bed tonight! :)

  2. I can picture the battle. You can now claim the title of 'tougher than a mattress protector'. Hail to the victor.

  3. Glad you got your mattress protector on but hope you won't be having anymore leaks.

  4. How fast do you think burros travel anyway? Since you didn't wait for its arrival. I have called it back. You didn't want the stuff I bought anyway--not soup. Just stuff like smoked ham, apples, grapes--things you wouldn't have liked. So just see if I ever go shopping for you again.

  5. I always dread having to make our bed. Thank goodness Jim is around to help me or who knows how it would get made. NO more leaks of any kind.

  6. Making the bed in the Alfa is much easier than in the house. I can reach both sides with relativeease if
    i walk from side to side a dozen times. In the house we have a largewater bed. Now that is a pain!

    The fleece spread I made for the Alfa bed is to warmto leave on now. Craig takes it off and folds it up. I put it back on in the morning and make everything pretty.

    I love my play house. Wish this trip would not end.


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