Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tour de Mechanic

Tour De Mechanic

Yes, it's an olympic event. Tour De Mechanic.

I'm SURE to win the GOLD!!

Or at least I'm pretty sure....

Yes, I seem to be living in the parking lot of yet, another gracious mechanic.

He has me hooked up to 30amp service – yipeee! For $10 a day. I won't complain.


Otherwise, I'd be going down the highway heading for another state park to spend the night.

Soo, yes, you are asking, why in the heck are you at a mechanics?
Aren't you supposed to be grounded in your friends driveway now?
Didn't you say that you were staying put for awhile?

OK, it's like this. Power spiked way low yesterday. Yikes! A/C screamed, then acted like it was going to dump it's ownself onto the floor. I quickly turned it off, then shut the power down.
I came back to a useless portable a/c, so was using the roof air till I could get it checked.

It's really NOT a good idea to plug an RV into a regular 110 outlet. Not good at all. Well, if you are planning on using your a/c that is.
Plug melted.
Power dipped, dropped, said get lostola.

So then I cranked on the generator thinking I'd go get another portable a/c.
Then my friend wanted to check the power in various stages of my RV usage. TV, computer, a/c, etc.

So I shut down genny & adibed.

Then when I went to turn genny on again, it said, get lost! I'm not working for you anymore! Oh great. No a/c, can't plug into power. So my friends dug out their generator. But my a/c said, nope. Not strong enough. I love power. I'm NOT liking that generator & acts like it's gonna dump onto the floor again.

So last night was spent pretty much sleepless, running the engine off & on to use the dash air for the dogsters.

This morning, I headed out to find power. And a mechanic. I found both!
Wish me luck...I sure could use it at this point.

Btw, it's August. I think I might have to grow to hate August. The hottest month of the year. Although we're not as hot as Arkansas was, it's still too hot not to use a/c. And humid.

My friend took her ac from the kennel in for repairs. Picked it up Friday. We installed it yesterday. It would not turn on! So my pupsters are still in the RV with me.

To be continued.....

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. You absolutely exhaust me... well, you and Murphy...

    go to the beach

  2. Sigh.

    Threes, Cyn. Bad things happen in threes. Quit it.

  3. Oh my word, girl. You have the worst luck ever. So very sorry.

  4. So sorry you are still having problems with your RV. Hope you can get some relief from all of these repairs, soon.

  5. I wonder if your generator popped a circuit breaker. I hope its a simple fix. At least you have POWER and A/C. YEAH!

  6. Not fun! Hope today is better.

  7. I think Murphy is still hanging onto your rear bumper! Hope these problems get solved.... not much fun I know.


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