Friday, August 31, 2012

Lake Tangipahoah, McComb, MS - hope the dam holds

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with ya'll.

I hope that the people of Hurricane Isaac aren't too terribly put out. Living in hurricane country does have it's issues, as is living anywhere where weather can come, destruct & destroy.

Today's post is about Lake Tangipahoah in McComb, MS.

This is a beautiful 700 acre lake with the Percy Quin State Park nestled around it.

A stunning lake! Which is currently in danger if the dam doesn't hold.

So, I'm holding my breath in hopes of the lake's dam holding.

I camped here in June of 2009. Such a beautiful place. A very relaxing place to stay as well.
We walked around, visiting the different campsites, taking note of this marvelous place. The Percy Quin park has bath houses, cabin rentals, bat houses in various locations & of course, the gorgeous Lake Tangipahoah! Check out the details on the map on this page to get a full view of what is offered at this great state park! And affordable as well!

I truly hope the dam holds, as Isaac's wrath of waters can possibly cause the dam to go at any minute now. The residents of this area of McComb have been forced to evacuate. I hope the best for them & that they can return to their homes, unscathed!
My prayers are with ya'll.

Here are a couple of videos I did while there. There are more videos on my youtube account of ReignBeauHounds. My youtube channel. Please enjoy the vids if you are able to. Otherwise, please enjoy the photos I've uploaded.

I hope my videography has improved since then ;-)  Some of the panning is too fast - sorry about that!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. I was amazed on the first video what a nice voice Feather the tour guide has. Nice tour, thanks.

    1. Hahaha John, you always manage to make me laugh! Thank you :-)

  2. Very pretty! Good luck with the whole dam thing!

  3. OH Your back. Blogger can be a pain.

    what a beatiful place. I believe it will be OK according to tonights news. But what do they know. Their record leaves a lot to be said.

  4. What fun, Cyn... Loved hearing the water and Feather is soooo pretty

  5. Beautiful, peaceful place. I am going to remember this one on my way to TX this winter. I'll have to look it up and see if they are open year round.
    Love the videos!


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