Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Generator - part two

OK, so I got pretty discouraged yesterday.
Generator still not totally fixed, thus not working yet.

I think I made a mistake. 
I should have not panicked.
I should have waited & taken the rig to a certified Onan technician.
But nope.
I panicked & took it to the first person that said they could fix it.

So he pulls out the generator.

Says it has a dead starter.

He goes to Houston & buys a new starter. And a new selenoid.

Installs them, reinstalls the generator.




Deader than before.

He puts a call into Onan.

I have to stay another night.

Onan calls him back the next morning & tells him how to test the generator to see if it's the switch or circuit board. He tests it & it suggested the switch, but could be the circuit board.

So I paid him for the services rendered & left.

Have to save money for the other items. I told him I'd buy them myself & take them to him. But now I'm having reservations about doing this. My instinct is to call Joy over at PPL & arrange for them to take a look at it instead. When I have the money saved up.

I guess I can say he did the toughest part since he had to actually take the generator off the motor home. If it's the switch or circuit board, the generator doesn't have to come off the rig. But I'm not sure what I should think of all this....I guess most technicians would go by process of elimation to some point.

Where Ellie & I spent the 2nd night. First night was beside the garage outside. We were hooked up to 30amp power, so that was good!

Ellie dropping her goods on the ground again. She has got to stop this!!

EEEks, generator guts!

Where we were.

One more thing. Don't remember if I mentioned this, but Ellie had a flat tire that I noticed on the way to the shop. I stopped by a store & noticed that my rear outside drivers side dually was looking a little pathetic. So I gave it compressor to stem resusitation. Filled that tire up. She held her air for a few days, then slowly leaked it all back out again. I looked at the inside of that tire. Yep, I was pretty LUCKY actually! In Arkansas at the COE park, Ellie got a rock stuck between her toes! She sure did limp! Then she kicked it out, but it damaged the inside wall of that tire. At least it was one of the two older tires I plan on changing out. Fortunately, the tire shop put both older tires on that side, so when the time comes, I'll have them both changed out. For now, Ellie is grounded!

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. good gosh, day you are going to catch a break! Way to much time and money being spent on maintaining the old girl!...I love your spirit don't let it get you down!

    1. Thank you. I do use my generator a lot, but for now, it can be something that can wait. At least it has no effect on driving the motor home or anything like that.

  2. I really don't like generators, but guess at times they are a necessity, especially if traveling with animals. In December, I had my generator repaired at Camping World, they took it out to diagnose the problem, ended up being a ground wire of some sort. Last week, when traveling with my cat to the vets office, I had to use the generator to run the A/C for awhile to cool down the RV. Then I tried to use it later the same day and it would not turn on. I had all the windows covered and just turned on the dash A/C and used that to cool down the RV, not sure if I will go through the expense to have it repaired again. My service contract paid for the repair in December, but I had to pay a $250 deductible. I read on another blog once that your motorhome engine is a generator, they

    1. Um Teri, are you going to finish this sentence?
      Did you check the oil level on your generator? If it's really low, the generator won't turn over. Hopefully, it's just something simple!

  3. YIKES! Ellie is getting way to tired to be running around I guess. Poor old Girl.

    1. It's Murphy kicking me in the behind again! I swear!

  4. Sometimes we need to kick Murphy!! Hopefully with the major items repaired Ellie will settle down to taking you places without fuss.



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