Friday, August 17, 2012

New Tab - Motorhome Upgrades & Repairs

Today's post is to let everyone know that I've added a new tab to my blog.
My Motorhome Upgrades & Repairs.

I thought perhaps this page could be useful to others. It's a page of what it suggests, upgrades & repairs. I've also added the urls to references I've put up there from my blog when I blogged about them so folks can find these items as well.

I've missed some things & as I think of them, I'll add them on.

The things I missed would be things like awning items, refinished items, stuff like that. I've not missed any of the mechanical issues.

I just want to be as honest as I possibly can so if others come across this page, it may be of some aid to them on their own issues.

Now for today. I got caught in my jammies!


Not that there's anything wrong with my jammies, but there's just something weird & vulnerable feeling about getting caught in them.

A male friend knocked at the door, I opened it, invited him in & rushed off to change my clothes!

We visited for awhile, then he left & I ran to the store to get some items.

I left my RV windows open to to try to keep it from getting over 100 in there since I have food items in there, fridge is still on, etc. I have it plugged in, but only to run the fridge, a couple of fans & keep the battery charged up. Once I empty the fridge, then I can shut down the battery.

So anyhow, at the store, I pay for my purchases & leave. As I'm walking through the parking lot, the skies break loose! I get my items into my van before it really pours.
The moment I get them in, put the cart where it belongs, I open my door to get inside & the skies break loose!

OK, so now I'm thinking, OH NO! RV windows are open!! At least I did close the vents & put the reflectix back up over them. But that was to help block the sun & heat. Whew!

It's absoutely pouring buckets. I'm rushing back to the RV hoping it's ok. I get halfway home & the black cloud that burst over the area I was in, hadn't burst in my area yet.


I get my groceries in the RV, then the skies break loose!

How I got lucky twice is beyond me.

So I'm now inside of the RV, it's 96 in there, but the humidity is 55, so I was actually not too uncomfortable. BUT then I thought, hmmmmm....why not get more comfortable.

So I had a bowl of ice cream!

As you see, I am a clever survivor! :-)

Here is a photo of a Texas Lizard that I saw not too far from where I live.
What is a Texas Lizard? An alligator of course!
And look, it was a teen. How do I know that? Check out the beer it was trying to hide...
(that's how they cool off)

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Not only are you a survivor, you're a keen observer of nature. I'm just wondering who bought Ali the beer.

  2. glad you finally got yourself some ice cream... things will be changing now.

  3. love reading your informative fun life.....lots of details to living in an RV..I lived in mine in Montana for over a year and it was interesting, to say the planning on living in it again in the life in it...nothing like it for me! thanks for all your info and pictures....! patty in California

    1. Thank you Patty! It's such a relaxing place to be. I don't know why. I'm much calmer in my RV than I am in a house.

    2. Wouldn't that be because it is your home?

    3. Um, yes Mary. Most likely so :-)

  4. I think you are at the front of the line in deserving a little luck coming your way. We sure could use some of that rain over here in San Antonio.

    1. Thanks, I think I may have to agree with you on this! I think the rains might be coming in off the gulf. I'd know that for sure if I'd watch the weather I guess. But yes, ya'll are really due for some. I hate it when the earth really gets dry enough to start cracking open & everything just gets so dusty!

  5. I agree with longdog2 - you deserve some good luck for a change. So glad you made it before the skies opened. We need rain desperately up here in Montana also.

  6. Ellie.
    " So cute".
    Like Elapie!
    " So yummy".
    And with David King and King 2 Zee, it's a definite " Tex Cyn".
    But best of all, there's Billy Gunn.
    He's the one.
    In the sun.
    With Istanbul.
    What do you say?
    In LA?
    Rsecomme 2?
    Or do you say PssedBr 59?

  7. If you are plugged into a regular 110 outlet, which is typically 15 amps, at someone's house, you should be able to run your fridge, Air Conditioning and laptop. I do that at a friend's house without issue. Just did it last weekend. But if I want to do something with high watts like microwave or make coffee, then I turn off the AC and fridge long enough to use it. Once the coffee is made, I turn it back off and put the leftovers in a thermos jug. If your fridge is propane, you can burn propane and run other things.

    1. DMM, can't do that here. Power is too low. I've been plugged into 20amps, but my adapter melted & my a/c took a dive. Not all power is equal on people's homes. My a/c is a hog too. I spent the day yesterday googling it. The compressor turns on at a high rate, then drops down once running. But each time the compressor turns off & on, that can happen. The a/c is either a 13,500 BTU or a 15,000 BTU? Can't seem to find any info on that. No wonder if freezes me out though!
      I use a voltage meter to tell me what the power is. It goes way too low with my a/c :-( so for now, I'm just using power to keep my battery charged up, the fridge & fans. Yes, I can use propane on the fridge, but since I live in this driveway, it would suck up too much propane. We're working on trying to figure out what to do to resolve these issues as my friends want me to stay here. Actually, they'd love it if I moved into the house, but I don't want to do that!

  8. You sure got lucky dodgeing the rain so maybe your luck is turning around.

    Miss Mermaid you should not run a/c off of house currant. At least that was what I read and have been told by many RVers.

  9. Your Motorhome Upgrades & Repairs tab can certainly help fellow RV and motorhome owners. Well, RVs and motorhome are always exposed to different weather on long trips, and these can take their toll on the vehicle. That’s why regular checkups and maintenance are necessary to keep the vehicle in tiptop shape. Check out for parts that need repairing or replacing.

    @Kurt Bukowski


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