Friday, August 10, 2012

I want to be a Mocking Bird


A Mocking Bird.



A Mocking Bird wanna be...




So what does that mean then?

I'm a Texan, I live in Texas.


(Uh oh, looks like I'm talking to myself again -- and answering!!)

OK, so there are snow birds, right?

All of us in the RV world know what Snow birds are.

They are people from the north that seek warmer climates in the winter. To avoid those bone chillin' cold, cold winters. Brrrr, I don't blame them. Nope, not one bit.

However, in the south, some of us want to move onto cooler climates!

Thus, Mocking Birds.


In an opposite way.

I want to head north to escape the heat!

So, that's what I want to be...

A Mocking Bird...

Maybe one day when I grow up...

~~Oh great, that'll never happen!

Speaking of Mocking birds. They are the State Bird of Texas.
Our area is full of them, probably our most common bird here where I'm located.

Wednesday, when I got one of my dogs out to walk him, I heard a rustle from a bush. I saw something drop on the ground. Uh oh, a very young bird. A mocking bird. So after I put the dog back inside, I went to investigate the bird. It appeared to have a broken wing :-(   So I contemplated what to do next. Do I let nature take it's course or do I help it? Do I observe it for awhile to see how it fares? Do I try to catch it & take it to a rehab center? No rehab centers near me what do I do? I decided to observe it. I'd go out to check on it periodically. Once I noticed flies starting to bother it, I decided to try to catch it. But it was very, VERY scared! So I was afraid I'd give it a birdie heart attack. Plus it was behind thick brush.
So I went back to observing instead.
I gave it some time. Then walked back to where it was. It saw me. It FLEW! Ahhh, so the wing is injured, but not broken. But it could not fly well & it's head was cocked off to it's right side. I can only assume that it was learning to fly & bounced into a window or something, thus the injury.

It flew into a low tree, hanging upside down on a branch. It was determined to survive. On it's own! So I left it alone, coming out every so often to watch it. Yesterday, it was in a different area of the yard. Still flying in low trees, but looks like it's doing pretty well. Although head is still cocked off to the side. Poor thing. Today, I saw it again. Flying better! Still a little cocky, but obviously doing better. So if the hawks & other birds leave it alone, I think it will heal & be ok in the long run. It was observed flying much higher today & landing in higher trees!

I hate these kind of ordeals. I am always unsure how to react. Once I saved a bird that lost a wing. It was a sparrow. Took it to a vet, he told me what to feed it, etc. It lived a few months, then died. The vet named it wingwong.

~As always, be kind to your pets, clean up after them on your travels & respect your neighbor~


  1. Nice mocker pics. You had better practice your singing. :)

  2. Practice your singing HAHAaaa

    Oh I know the rescue stuff ... Never know what to do

    I couldn't be in the south right now ... jeez too hot

  3. It drive me crazy to see sick things in the wild. Never know what to do.

  4. We needed to help a hummingbird once who had knocked itself silly on our window. In a couple hours it was okay, flew in circles then flew off. Do you know thw song "Mockingbird Hill"? Find it on you-tube. Nice country song I grew up hearing my grandma singing it. One of my favorites!


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